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Upper West Side Engagement | NYC Film Wedding Photographer

Tory and John met under the most extreme of circumstances.  Both had voluntarily chosen to be in them however: it was during a character-building sailing program by Outward Bound.  These two, along with nine other students and two instructors spent five nights off the coast of Maine living on this thirty-foot pull boat.  Conditions were extreme.  Every night, they slept head to toe on the deck across the wooden oars.  They cooked, ate, did everything on the boat.  It poured the whole first twenty four hours of the journey, soaking everyone and all their stuff for the rest of the trip.   Both of them describe their sailing adventure as an absolutely miserable experience, but one they’d never exchange.  That’s where they met each other, after all!

After their feet were finally on land again, John and Tory were inseparable.  In fact, Tory can’t seem to distinguish one moment when they officially became an item.  For these two, being together was so comfortable and and natural, they sort of just eased right into it.   This sort of comfort and ease between them was evident from the couple of hours I spent running around Central Park and the Upper West Side taking pictures of these two (who happen to be my neighbors – living only one block away from me!)  Tory and John love to laugh, and try to never take anything too seriously.  While it’s obvious that they both have an adventurous side, their preferred date would be eating ice cream and watching a movie together on the couch in their P.J.s.

Several years later, when John proposed on one knee, in the middle of their apartment surrounded by flowers, candles, and  rose petals, Tory said yes.  Because if these two could survive five days on a thirty-foot boat together, what can life possibly throw at them that they can’t handle together?


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