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An NYIT de Severskey Mansion Wedding | NY Wedding Photographer

I was so privileged to shoot this Cinderella Wedding with Lauren Gabrielle.  With a to-die-for mansion (that might as well be a castle), the crystal chandeliers, the dramatic renaissance ballgown (which the groom Loc actually designed and made himself!), the cutest fairy-like flower girls, a beautiful princess with a heart of gold, and her handsome prince…I really don’t know how else to explain this perfect wedding except fairytale elegance!

Above is my favorite image above from Loc and Sabrina’s wedding… Are you pumped to see the rest of them now?  I hope so because,  I’m excited to show you!  I hadn’t blogged in two weeks and I’m having withdrawals…


I got this shot below completely by accident and it is one of my faves of the day.  Sabrina’s bridesmaids were all tending to her, and at the moment I tried to capture their mothering, Sabrina happened to look right up at my camera.

This is how it was most of the wedding…all the guests wanted to capture every moment of their gorgeous wedding

In addition to designing the wedding gown,  Loc, who works in fashion, designed the flower girls’ dresses.

Don’t these photos remind you of Pride and Prejudice and The Secret Garden? This location evoked a mood of English Countryside Romance

The ballroom was one of the prettiest I’d ever seen.

This one above is just plain sexy…Don’t they just emanate love and romance?

“The Prince stole Cinderella away from the crowds in order to profess his love to her…”  I love the ability of the wide angle lens to tell a story such as in the picture above.  It’s especially fitting in such a storybook wedding.

I had a great time working with Lauren and this adorable Bride and Groom, but after this wedding, I felt just like this kid…

Dan and Liliana at High Line Park | NYC Engagement Photographer

So excited to share Liliana and Dan’s playful engagement session with you!!  Remember my engagement photo contest last fall? These are my winners! Besides being a fun couple to work with, Liliana and Dan were so great to photograph because their love for each other was continuously bubbling over throughout the shoot.  They just couldn’t hide it!  You know what I say to that?  “AWESOME!”  Makes my job easy.

The High Line was a beautiful location to work at and really gave a mixture of the urban NYC feel and a soft natural beauty that highlighted their relationship that developed in the city.  But photographers beware, we got yelled at and threatened several times by High Line staff for venturing off the path and into the greenery,  but luckily in this long skinny park it’s unlikely you’ll see the same staff person twice.   We then moved down to the West Village for some playful shots of this football loving couple.  How cool does Liliana look playing football in heels?

It rained all day before the shoot, and we were worried that we’d have to cancel, but in a true love story fashion, the clouds parted just long enough for the hour and a half session and resumed raining as soon as we finished.   We still had to play with the umbrella for some of the shots though!  Special thanks to my hubby Alex who came a long for the shoot in case I needed an umbrella holder (isn’t he amazing, ladies?) but he ended up just holding all of our bags…what a guy!

The Reed Family | NY Family Portrait Photographer

Check out this adorable Upper West Side fall family portrait session…Look first, talk later!


Oh, what to say about this family that I love.  This dear  husband and wife who pastor the New York Dream Center together, whose home is open practically 24-7 for anyone who might be in need, whose lives they have wholeheartedly given to serving a city and a God that they love; they have personally impacted my life a lot.  This beautiful family is such an inspiration and it was my honor to do their family photos and capture the love that they have for each other.

Six year old Emma LOVED my camera which was so fun for me, and I eventually actually had to ask her to stop changing her pose for me every click.  She was moving around so fast at first I couldn’t capture anything at all!  (It was like she’d watched America’s next top model or something…no it must have been all the High School Musical I always hear her talking about…)

Tyler was the stark opposite.  It was hard to get the three-year-old tike to sit still or to look at the camera and smile.  Essentially I had to chase him around the playground or we had to trick him for some of those smiling shots and yet somehow I feel that every shot whether he was smiling or serious managed to capture his cute, curious and playful personality.  I love that Brad and Stella Reed were so good at bringing out the smiles and personalities of their kids.

The Reeds were going for a fall family portrait look in their upper west side neighborhood and Riverside park, but unfortunately it was extremely hot the day we did this shoot.  After a series of cold days, I too had over dressed that day.  By the end of the shoot we were all hot, sweaty and exhausted.  After the shoot, I actually got a migraine from being dehydrated and overheated and had to cancel my plans for the evening, (yikes!) So I was sooo thrilled to find later when I had recovered that we had captured so many precious moments despite the antsy kids and my overheated brain.  There were so many good ones it was literally PAINFUL to whittle it down to just these.  The warm evening light cast the perfect orange glow for fall, and as beautiful as they were in color, I couldn’t believe how cool they were in black and white as well.

The Newlywed’s Trek to Vermont | Personal Files

What can I say about how much I loved Vermont other than it reminds me of my home in Northern California with the extremely friendly people (almost takes you aback after living in NYC), healthy lifestyle, beautiful rolling hills but with an added local charm that you don’t see as much in California.

Disclaimer: As you may have noticed from my other “personal files” I’m not exactly a documentary photographer when it comes to my own day-to-day life.  I tend to just take a few shots here and there of things that come up that I think are funny or interesting.    Thus,  you may be disappointed (and rightfully so)  that I don’t have more gorgeous shots of Vermont.  I wish I had documented it more. However you must understand, my back needs a break once in awhile from lugging around a 10 pound camera and lens…especially when I’m on vacation!

The other funny thing is that when you have such a heavy complicated camera, you can’t exactly ask people to take pictures of you.  Therefore,  I’m not in a single shot.  However, I promise I was there with these fun folks having a blast. (Side note: to those of you wondering why I don’t have any pictures of myself or a bio on this site…it’s coming soon!  I just don’t have professional enough looking photos of myself yet!)  In this post you’ll see Alex, my husband, and our lovely married friends Adam and Ciara.  Aren’t they just adorably in love?  They got married only a few weeks before Alex and I did!



These first ones were taken at a cute general store we passed (and made a dangerous u-turn to get back to)  just after we crossed the Vermont state border.  The best part about this store was that they had samples galore.  My fave sample was of the Maple Cheesecake dip which they had little ginger cookies to try it with. YUM!  P.S. It’s really hard taking mirror pics with a 10 pound camera, so this first one was a LUCKY shot….

We were up in Vermont only a week after hurricane Irene hit.  The flooding destroyed most of Vermont’s famed covered bridges…not this sturdy little guy though!

We happened upon this old graveyard our first day.  My husband who was bothered at first by the fact that you couldn’t tell if you were stepping on where dead people were buried or not somehow didn’t find it irreverent to create a game in which everyone had to race as a certain animal. “I CALL FALCON” he cried after suggesting the idea.   Adam was the horse and Ciara a monkey.   I know,  why did I even explain? It’s sooo obvious what’s going on when you look that this picture, right? ;-)
Part of our hotel was an old mansion that they called “The Castle.”   OKAY …we stayed in the cheap rooms next door to the castle, but we still got to play around and relax in the Castle Lobby!


Here are all the things I wished I had taken pictures of but didn’t:  swimming in the mountain view pool and hot tub; heavily discounted Swedish massages (they were discounted because no one wanted to come to Vermont Labor day weekend right after the Irene flooding…); pizza, beer and pool at the local Outback Pizza bar; the delish organic, locally grown food; breakfast at the “Vermont Apple Co” which basically was  like we were eating at a friend’s farmhouse; our trek to the Vermont outlets and so much more.  Thanks Adam, Ciara and Alex for the wonderful vacation and thanks most of all to VERMONT my new home away from home!

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