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Melanie and Scarlett | NYC Maternity Photographer

One of my favorite things is when a client wants to work together to create an artful portrayal of themselves.  If a client doesn’t trust you or isn’t on board, it’s harder to push the limits and create unique and beautiful work.   That was not the case with Melanie, who is due to have a baby girl in less than two weeks.   She just loves photos and wherever she has lived ( and she’s lived all over the world)  seeks out her favorite photographers in the area and puts herself in their hands.   This is her first child, but her second maternity shoot (as I said, she loves photographs) as she wanted to capture the final moments of her pregnancy before her little Scarlett is born.    I am so honored that she trusted me to capture an artful, intimate portrayal of her final weeks of pregnancy.   Its quite possible that we will be having a third maternity shoot with her husband next week (if baby Scarlett doesn’t come first!)

Melanie was not afraid to get intimate, and with her permission, I’ve posted some of the moments that I was able to capture of this mother and the child she’s carrying.


The Worthley Family | NYC Children and Family Photographer

Meet the Worthley family.  A darling family from “Down Under” with a particular zest for life.   Not only are they incredibly fun and loving people from the grandfather down to their sweet little boy, “Jamesy,” but they also have what seems to be a genetic aptitude for science.  They entire family are doctors!  As a gift for her in-laws who were visiting from out of town,  Liza, glowing and pregnant with her next baby, hired me to capture photos of their son with his loving grandparents.   We settled on a morning shoot on one lovely morning in early fall on the upper west side of Manhattan in Riverside Park.

F o l l o w   u s