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Affordable Lifestyle Photographer Caroline Frost Shea wants to help you create special memories for your wedding, newborn, pregnancy and family. Use the contact form to also contact her about portraits and head shots.

Rooftops of Astoria- NY Portrait Photographer

For those of you new to my blog, this is an intro to my family of sorts.  I convinced my husband to be my model up on our roof during a gorgeous sunset earlier this week.   I didn’t convince him quite thoroughly enough as you can see from the less-than-thrilled look on his face in some of the photos.  I was hoping that letting him keep the beer in his hand would be more of a help with that…  It must be said though, He is incredibly supportive of my photography… as long as he isn’t the subject.  :-]  Personally,  I think he makes quite a sexy model…but of course I think that.


Caroline at Frost Photography

Sam and Mack | NY Engagement Photographer

Had a very busy weekend involving a lot of photography fun, and this session was definitely a highlight.   I got to shadow the amazing Judy Pak Chung and take photos of this beautiful young couple that is getting married next year.  They wanted a “French Country” themed engagement shoot and selected this beautiful little spot in lower manhattan that I didn’t even know existed (though I’ve lived in NYC for about 5 years now).   I shot this session in “RAW” for the first time and LOVED the convenience of being able to tweak the exposure afterwards.   These are only a few of the many beautiful shots I captured of this couple. Keep checking back! Will post more soon!



Caroline at Frost Photography

Water Baptism | NY Event Photographer

Today I went deeper into New York than I ever thought was possible.  Who knew you could get on a train for an hour and a half and still have only gotten to Brooklyn? Well I had my first excellent day at Far Rockaway Beach where the Dream Center NYC had water baptism and a fun beach day!!!  So many people made this big faith commitment and it was really awesome to watch and be a part of their joy and their faith journeys.  Unfortunately it was midday so it wasn’t the golden hour for light…but I made do.  Also did a beautiful Engagement shoot as a second photographer later in the day.  Will upload some of those very soon!!  Here are a couple of the best shots from the Baptism:

F o l l o w   u s