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Debra and Lloyd: British Invasion + A Newlywed Photo Session

I had the privilege this week of playing hostess to Debra, an old friend of Alex’s from the U.K., and her new husband Lloyd.   Besides having the honor of showing them around our favorite city in the world, we also enjoyed giving Lloyd his first American experience as this was his first trip to the states at all.   NYC stepped up to the plate and seemed committed to proving all European stereotypes of Americans.  On their first day they met a Southerner who was sure to tell Deb and LLoyd how much they hated France,  Deb was lucky enough to meet an overly friendly American in a restroom who felt the need to share in detail her medical bladder conditions, and they also got to meet (during this very photo shoot in fact) the sort of jerk New Yorker who purposely gets in the way of a photo for over 5 minutes to make his friend laugh (and yes ladies and gentleman, he was pushing 40 years old).  Lloyd was surprised not to see as many obese people as the States is famous for so we attempted to ratify his American vision by attempting to gain 50 pounds in one week, pretty much eating our way through every cuisine paying special attention to New York Pizza, unique meats  like Wild Boar and Bison burgers and of course stopping for some Southern BBQ at Hill Country.  It’s a miracle I still fit into my jeans this week…

In all seriousness, we love living in New York and Deb and Lloyd really enjoyed their experience here and took all their weird experiences in stride.   We had a great time joking around with this easy-going pair.  Luckily Lloyd likes to imitate American accents as much as Alex likes to imitate British ones so they pretty much were constantly having accent battles to the death of Deb and me.   We also learned important things like, did you know that an oven in England is called a “Cooker,”  that they don’t have lemon flavored yogurt and that American microwaves are twice the size of British ones?  When Deb and Lloyd asked why it needed to be any bigger than a single dinner plate, I really didn’t know what to say.  It’s not like anyone cooks a whole turkey in their microwave right?

Despite their busy trip, we made time for a photo session at High Line Park and Brooklyn Bridge at sunset which they wanted to commemorate their trip

Stephen and Bianca at the Cloisters | NYC Engagement Photographer

Get ready for a warm and spicy autumn treat! Ironic because this session was shot in 40 degree weather for which Bianca bravely donned an adorable Urban Outfitters dress bare-legged (props girl!).  Nevertheless, this session is reminiscent of a steamy cup of mulled apple cider… spiked with a little rum.   The last 6 months while Bianca was in Oregon performing in the cast of Oklahoma, Stephen remained in NYC studying for his Masters at Columbia University.  Finally the show ended and the two are reunited, and their love for each other seems to have grown all the stronger in their time apart.  Now these two are able to get a jump on planning their wedding taking place upstate in May of 2012.   Bianca wanted a fall themed engagement shoot in a unique location.   When she suggested New York’s Medieval art and architecture museum called “The Cloisters,” I was elated.  This museum, constructed from ruins of castles and cathedrals in Europe (each stone transported to the US and reconstructed) is one of my favorite places in the city and is perfectly placed right next to a long beautiful park on the Hudson.  Though most of the leaves fell the weekend before this was taken,  we were able to find some areas that still had the rich fall colors.  With the beautiful autumn sunset light and a couple so passionately in love, I felt that I had stumbled into a autumn fairytale dream.  Can’t wait to shoot their wedding in May!



Kacey and Brendan’s Autumn in Central Park | NYC Engagement Photographer

Autumn in New York..most agree its the best time to be here.  Apple cider and pumpkins.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Colorful foliage galore, and a general fresh sense of the old is passed and the new is coming.  This is especially true for Kacey who is an English teacher.   But what is more for Kacey and Brendan, who works in Finance,  they are about to embark on their new adventure as a married couple in July, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.   I barely have to tell you how genuine their love for one another is because these images say it all… I hope you enjoy this little walk in Central Park with them and that you are inspired by the love that they share.

The Princess Kate resemblance is really strong in these next three images:


It was really hard to choose whether to show these in color or black and white….they were so gorgeous in both..

This image below was a close second for my favorite…So passionate and romantic and yet completely free and natural.  Scroll below to see “the winner.”

It was super hard to choose, but I think these one below is my favorites of the day…their passionate love is just so tangible.  I got a little misty eyed during this part of the shoot at how FREAKIN gorgeous and in love these two are.  Luckily this was the last frame!

Thanks for viewing. More to come soon!  Please “like” and comment below! Also check out their slideshow.


Dan and Liliana at High Line Park | NYC Engagement Photographer

So excited to share Liliana and Dan’s playful engagement session with you!!  Remember my engagement photo contest last fall? These are my winners! Besides being a fun couple to work with, Liliana and Dan were so great to photograph because their love for each other was continuously bubbling over throughout the shoot.  They just couldn’t hide it!  You know what I say to that?  “AWESOME!”  Makes my job easy.

The High Line was a beautiful location to work at and really gave a mixture of the urban NYC feel and a soft natural beauty that highlighted their relationship that developed in the city.  But photographers beware, we got yelled at and threatened several times by High Line staff for venturing off the path and into the greenery,  but luckily in this long skinny park it’s unlikely you’ll see the same staff person twice.   We then moved down to the West Village for some playful shots of this football loving couple.  How cool does Liliana look playing football in heels?

It rained all day before the shoot, and we were worried that we’d have to cancel, but in a true love story fashion, the clouds parted just long enough for the hour and a half session and resumed raining as soon as we finished.   We still had to play with the umbrella for some of the shots though!  Special thanks to my hubby Alex who came a long for the shoot in case I needed an umbrella holder (isn’t he amazing, ladies?) but he ended up just holding all of our bags…what a guy!

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