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Central Park Spring Engagement Sesssion | NYC Film Wedding Photographer

central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
central park magnolias
central park magnolias
central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
pretty close up engagement photo

Spring in NYC is an event like I never experienced in California.  The week the snow has finally all melted away, the weather starts reaching the 60s, and the trees seem to almost instantly burst into bloom everywhere,  hoards of people from all five boroughs stream to Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden like prairie dogs emerging from their underground tunnels after the rain.  Everyone is always abuzz about the cherry blossoms, including me, but in some ways the main event in Central Park is really the magnolias: huge pink and white, sweet-smelling flowers that grow in clusters all over the upper east side of the park.  Like the cherry blossoms they burst into bloom very quickly but last only about a week, so it’s very hard to time a photo-shoot around them.   I was lucky enough to have 4 scheduled the week they peaked including Michael and Manuela’s, who were especially hoping for a magnolia-themed engagement shoot.

My absolute favorite thing about my job is when a bride and groom become friends.   Michael and Manuela found me in New York Magazine, like many of my couples do, and with very little knowledge of what to expect we scheduled to meet up, chat about their wedding and show them my sample albums over a glass of wine.  Less than 5 minutes into the conversation, we realized we had so much in common and bonded over our faith and shared struggles of finding a church in NYC where we felt at home.  My husband, Alex, who was nearby got roped into the restaurant and over a glass of wine, the four of us realized that we are probably going to be life-long friends.  Alex was so touched to receive an invitation to the wedding last month and so now in addition to photographing their wedding,  Alex and I also get to celebrate as guests and friends!

Much like Alex and me, Michael and Manuela have different strengths that complement each others.  Manuela reminds me a lot of Alex with her reliability, faithfulness, honesty, organization, and down-to-earth practical look on the world.  She is also has an artistic eye which with these aforementioned skills is a rare combination and makes her excellent at managing the business side of things for creative types!   Michael is also very creative as well as genial, adventurous, insightful, spontaneous, and intuitive.  Together they make one amazing couple, who I know will be an unstoppable force of love, innovation, and change wherever they decide to apply their gifts.  I feel so blessed to have met Michael and Manuela and to have been asked to photograph their wedding at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club (coming up this week!)

All images by NYC Film Wedding Photographer Caroline Frost

A Surprise Engagement Session | New York Proposal Photographer

Hiding like a sniper up on a tower of Central Park’s Belvedere castle I sat and waited with my 70-200 2.8 (for the camera illiterates- basically a really powerful zoom lens that is also HUGE and heavy) hoping and praying that Kelvin’s soon-to-be fiancee, who had no idea what was coming, wouldn’t see it and get creeped out ruining the whole mood for Kelvin.  I arrived 15 minutes early as usual, and thank goodness, because  Kelvin and Glennis arrived 5 minutes early.  You can see Kelvin looking around to make sure I’m somewhere up there and Glennis suspiciously follows his gaze.  I duck.

Kelvin had told Glennis that morning to dress nice because he had a romantic surprise for her.   She didn’t suspect anything so big as a proposal, as this is the norm from Kelvin.  You see her laughing as he moves her onto the lawn (in the pre-approved shady location),  probably because he was saying “We are here!” after leading her around the park for awhile.   Of course “here” is just a patch of grass.   The rest of the pictures tell the story better than I could from there…

After she said “Yes!!” (of course she did) and Kelvin turned down a nice couple nearby who asked if they wanted a picture.  “Why not?” Glennis later told us she was thinking.  Little did she know every moment had already been captured!  Kelvin lead her up the steps to Belvedere castle and introduced Glennis to a total stranger (me) who had been spying on her for the biggest moment of her life and told her I’d be taking engagement photos for them for a couple hours.  Sweet Glennis was still in total shock over the whole thing, but graciously let me pose her and direct her for the next two hours.  Needless to say, their joy and excitement of their future life together shined through in every photo.

And I got my first experience as a secret agent photographer!

Frost Photography Mini Engagement Sessions

Recently, I did an online coupon deal for one hour engagement sessions in Manhattan.  The response was great, and as a result I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of super sweet couples of every flavor and stage of life!  Still have a few more to come, but here are four of these couples I got to meet and photograph this month:

Matt and Vivi at Central Park

Matt, Vivi, and I had such a fun couple of hours today, which was a bright, brisk day in Central Park.  These two were such great models, and weren’t afraid to have a good time!  We started in Shakespeare’s Garden where Matt proposed and after exploring the park a bit,  went back to their upper east side for their fur babies, Nena and Frank.   You can really tell a lot about a person based on how they treat animals and these two just love their two rescue dogs, despite their sometimes cumbersome quirks.  We all grabbed brunch afterwards as today also happens to be Matt’s birthday, and I got to hear all about their beautiful, unique June 2013 taking place and a rustic barn in upstate New York.   Thanks for such a fun day, Matt and Vivi!!!    And “Happy Birthday” Matt! This super early, day-of preview of your photos is my present to you. ;-)

Sammy + Katy at the Meatpacking District

Sammy and Katy have such great chemistry and a unique love story.  They met last October and knew right away they had found “the one.”  They have the sort of ease of manner with each other that you feel with couples who have been together for years and both are such joyful people, it’s contagious… I wish them so much happiness for their wedding taking place in Seattle this August!

As soon as we met, Katy said she felt like she already knew me from following my blog and with her easy manner and friendly spirit (must be the west coast coming out of her),  that I soon felt I knew her as well.   In fact, we connected so well that we are grabbing coffee next week just to hang out… I love when a client becomes a friend!  

Ankur + Diana at Battery Park City

Battery park city is a unique part of downtown that not a lot of people know about and that reminded me a bit of San Fransisco.   Ankur and Diana live in the neighborhood and wanted to capture a day in the life.   Before meeting Diana and Ankur, Diana warned me they were photo-shy.   I wasn’t deterred, as I’m used to working with people who don’t love being front of the camera and enjoy helping people to feel comfortable, but that was not necessary at all with this couple who contrary to their belief, were naturals at modeling!  As I’m sure you can see, these two good-lookings have a special kind of love that just radiates through photos and made my job very easy.   I wish them so much joy for their August 2013 wedding!

Dino + Araceli at Central Park

Right when Dino thought he was never going to find the right one for him,  Araceli walked into his world, or rather into his restaurant, and he never looked back.   Dino is a recently retired firefighter who is enjoying his new relaxing lifestyle, and Araceli works in Fashion industry.   Both are as nice as can be, and Dino truly knows how to make Araceli laugh…and made me laugh as well!   We met early one morning on a warm spring day and took in some of the most beautiful parks of the park.   They are such beautiful people and I wish them so much happiness for their upcoming Florida wedding!

Peter and Dee’s Brooklyn Botanic Garden Engagement | New York Wedding Photographer

Been looking forward to this couple’s engagement session since October, but we postponed it to wait for the spring blossoms, and were we rewarded for our wait!   The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, bathed in the glow of the warm afternoon light,  never looked better with its cherry blossoms blooming,  willow tree branches bristling and blankets of purple flowers covering the ground.   What a quintessential place to celebrate the new love of this sweet Brooklyn couple who will be getting married in May.  Afterwards we captured these city-dweller’s more urban side,  spending a little time at the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn as well. We had to call it a night for the sake of Dee’s fingers and toes.  It’s not summer yet, people!  Though these photos would almost fool you.  Can’t wait for this lovey duo’s May wedding!


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