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Jane and Nate’s Central Park Engagement Session

The first time Jane knew Nate was “a keeper”  they were on their first date at a park and Nate took the time to help a little kid fly a kite.   Because of the significance of that moment,  Jane wanted to include a kite in their engagement session, which ended up being a blast.   Their romantic central park engagement shoot also included a gondola ride for two and a trek over to Shakespeare’s garden- one of my favorite places in New York City,  where the winding, stone-paved garden is lined with gorgeous flowers and Shakespeare quotes about plants.

These two smarty-pants sweethearts met at undergrad at Yale and will be getting married there in August – I can’t wait!!!

Kim and Nico’s Winter Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

He can’t recall a time when he had stayed in one place longer than a year until he met Kim.  Kim, a jewelry designer whose warmth, beauty and creativity captivates many, fell in love with this international man- a native to France who has spent his life on the move in such countries as Niger, Côte d’Ivoire and finally St. Martin, where he met Kim.  Shortly after that they started a life together in New York City and decided to tie the knot with a small city hall ceremony, after which they rented a limo with family and friends and traveled all over the city in style jumping out here and there to capture shots of these two before sunset.   Though they wanted a simple day, it was full of meaningful touches.  Kim designed all their jewelry including both rings and her headband, and with her vintage-style dress and shoes the look came together perfectly.  The delight they find in each other just beams through in every image.

Kacey and Brendan’s Autumn in Central Park | NYC Engagement Photographer

Autumn in New York..most agree its the best time to be here.  Apple cider and pumpkins.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Colorful foliage galore, and a general fresh sense of the old is passed and the new is coming.  This is especially true for Kacey who is an English teacher.   But what is more for Kacey and Brendan, who works in Finance,  they are about to embark on their new adventure as a married couple in July, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.   I barely have to tell you how genuine their love for one another is because these images say it all… I hope you enjoy this little walk in Central Park with them and that you are inspired by the love that they share.

The Princess Kate resemblance is really strong in these next three images:


It was really hard to choose whether to show these in color or black and white….they were so gorgeous in both..

This image below was a close second for my favorite…So passionate and romantic and yet completely free and natural.  Scroll below to see “the winner.”

It was super hard to choose, but I think these one below is my favorites of the day…their passionate love is just so tangible.  I got a little misty eyed during this part of the shoot at how FREAKIN gorgeous and in love these two are.  Luckily this was the last frame!

Thanks for viewing. More to come soon!  Please “like” and comment below! Also check out their slideshow.


Adam and Jenn | NYC Engagement Photographer

These two lovebirds, Adam and Jenn,  met at NYU Med School and somehow managed to build a relationship despite their rigorous studying schedules.  Now Jenn is an anesthesiologist and Adam is on his way to a PhD in addition to his MD.  They wanted engagement photos that conveyed their love in Midtown Manhattan where they spend a lot of time and where Adam proposed.

They found me on Yelp and we had our first meeting in Starbucks.  As we talked about how they met and their interests,  I discovered their love for reading, so I suggested that we tie in a theme of words to their engagement shoot.  It seemed more than fitting for these two brainiacs!  To my delight, they were super into the idea and even agreed to buy chalkboards, and letter blocks, and made a DIY banner with their wedding date!  And how fitting that the famous Love sculpture is located right in that same Midtown neighborhood!?

Come Sunday, I set off to capture the essence of what it must have been like to be two busy med students in love.  After  gallivanting around Midtown, we took a cab up to riverside park on the Upper West Side for some gorgeous sunset shots.   We even put together a romantic sunset study session.  (Yes we rolled all of those heavy text books around in a suitcase…and by “we” I mean Adam…thanks Adam!) Now, check out these photo please tell me how much you LOVE this couple.


I used Kubota Photoshop Actions to add a subtle “umph” to some of the photos and I am totally hooked.  They really allowed me to effortlessly take my images to the next level of quality, while still retaining the warm, colorful, unprocessed look that I favor…

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