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Shoebox Memories | Always Going to Be A Photographer

Sometimes in the present I look at my life and can’t believe I’m living it.  I get to make a living with my art?  I am a PHOTOGRAPHER?  *Cringes at how cheesy it sounds…*  But it’s true: sometimes I just want to just stop and think, how did I get here?  Everyone expected me to grow up and do something nerdy and practical, though I hoped it would be also artistic and exciting (I not-so-secretly wanted to be a musical theater actress).  But when I really think back, I see all these hints that God was leading me here to this career that I love all along.

Alex and I were doing some major spring cleaning the past few weeks (more on that to come) and I came across a shoebox of memories that had all these photos in it.  Photos I took almost ten years ago on my family’s trip to Europe.  I knew nothing about shooting in manual, RAW probably didn’t exist yet, and my little point and shoot was about the size of my hand, but you can already see my love for light, nature,  unique perspectives and leading lines.  Even though I knew zero about those things.  I remember thinking on that trip how cool it would be to be a photographer one day, traveling the world.  And I remembered especially taking this picture of my youngest sister, Cameryn, and thinking how much I loved photographing people more than anything.  Little did I know God was taking notes!  I was always going to be a photographer.  Even when I picked my major of human rights instead of Film/Video (which I strongly considered) at NYU, even when I was suffocating in desk job after desk job,  even when I was crying out to God to show me my calling.  He knew it was coming, He was preparing me all along through every hard experience, and I was always going to be a photographer.



Amy Rizzuto - April 9, 2013 - 6:00 pm

Beautiful Caroline! So amazing to see how God is making all of your dreams come true. :)

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