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    A few things you should know about me...I am passionate about creating wedding photos that are natural, romantic and timeless. My approach to portrait time is to create timeless imagery that captures you two and your unique love in an honest, but gorgeously composed way that looks almost candid. Not a model? No problem! I believe it's a photographer's job, not yours to help you look and feel comfortable in front of the camera! I work in both medium format film and some digital. Film because of its beautiful, soft, fine art qualities and perfect skin tones, and digital because of it's reliability in low light situations.

    In my spare time I read, write poetry, music and mentor other women. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and my drink of choice is a French 75.

    But enough about me... I look forward to hearing more about you and your wedding plans!

Honesty on the Web | Honestly

I wrote this a few months ago and never published it.  I guess I just wasn’t ready to take the plunge of honesty.  But after talking to some other photographers about the benefits of blogging more than just your photos, and after putting out a few more personal posts than I normally do, I decided it was time to share what’s been holding me back because you never know, it might help someone else.

Can I make a confession?  Being honest on the internet scares me.  It scares me because of the vastness of the exposure.  To me it feels like a dream made reality where instead of walking naked into high school you are walking naked into every home in America.  Okay – so I know that not every home in America reads this blog…not even close…but they could.   It’s available and that’s what scares me.

And yet honesty is part of who I am.  I may have a bubbly California-girl exterior off the bat, but those who know me personally know that small talk isn’t my thing.   I want to know WHO you are more than what you do and I want others to know the same about me.  I don’t really have secrets, there isn’t much I wouldn’t be comfortable talking to you about (except ew ew ew bathroom stuff…and why why why is that my husband’s favorite topic of conversation?) and my parents have told me I was that way since I was a little kid.  I’m not trying to make myself sound so amazingly good (trust me, I know my faults and they are many), but honesty is just something like a sneeze for me.  When you hold it back it just doesn’t feel good.   You can learn so much from being honest and getting feedback and others can learn so much too.  Yet on my blog I’m starting to feel more of that itch to be more open and honest, to be more…me.   And yet for once in my life by being honest I feel extremely exposed.

So this post, telling you how I feel about blogging honestly (that it absolutely terrifies me) is me attempting to be myself on the web.  This is the beginning of a new category of posts I’ll be doing called “Honestly.”  Keep a look out!

Photo by Carmen Santorelli


Lily - September 10, 2012 - 4:35 pm

That’s my girl!!! <3

Amy Rizzuto - September 10, 2012 - 7:16 pm

Beautiful post Caroline…my favorite yet! :)

Cassi Claire - September 10, 2012 - 7:58 pm

Awww! I’m going to love getting to know you through your blog! And, you know, in real life! :)

Frost Photography USBs

Introducing Frost Photography eco-friendly USBs.  Bride and Grooms no longer need to store their wedding digital files on two bulk DVDs, but instead will receive a handy 8GB USB to quickly upload the files onto their hard drive.   Nifty eh?  Plus they’re pretty…….

This pic is totally saying “It’s about TIME you converted to USBs”

Here’s to Our Husbands

Since I’ve started my wedding photography business, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many other women wedding photographers,  also trying to fight their way to the top in a super competitive industry, but despite the competitive nature of our jobs, so many of them have become my dearest friends!  Some were there for me when I was new, answering my every,  boring question about their businesses and giving me opportunities by sending me referrals they couldn’t take or bringing me along as a second shooter.  There are some who I’ve shared the best and worst of weddings with, others whose coat tails I’ve tried to catch a ride on.  Some I’ve mentored, some have mentored me,  others have shared my passion for cats, Friends (the TV show) and/or Jesus.  All of us obviously sharing a passion for photography and most likely Jose Villa.   Hopefully there is someone out there who shares my nerdy additcion to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but I’m still looking.  Most women,  Most married.  We all LOVE our jobs.

I was texting with one of these girlfriends last night and we were talking about having a wedding photographer get together.  I joked that we should have a formal ball and invite all the husbands so they can all finally meet each other.    My husband (who I should add now works with one of my photog friends’ husbands) the usual jokester piped in that we should all dress up in our wedding dresses and take photos of each other.  Oh the hilarity!

But through that ridiculous image of 15+ girls in white dresses with cameras,  I started thinking about the pattern of the wedding photographer’s beginnings, and most of the girls I know have the a similar story.   If this isn’t your story (male wedding photogs especially) I apologize, and if you’ve gotten there all on your own, my hat is off to you, but for the rest of us, I think some props need to be given to the men in our lives who got us through.  For most of us,  we got married to our best friends,  loved our wedding photographers and envied their jobs while we weren’t happy in our own jobs (usually involving cubicles, fluorescent lighting and too much AC).  We bought our first cameras and  thanks to our husbands’ moral support and frequent posing for our cameras as we ventured in to the great unknown of “Manual mode”  we eventually got confident enough to market ourselves for paid jobs.  After a lot of second shooting and practicing on our unwilling husbands, we booked our first wedding and celebrated with our husbands.  Many of our husbands help with the financial side of the business, are sounding boards for our big decisions, and ALL of them have been there for the tears (“I’m never going to learn Flash!”) and the victories (“My first blog feature, YAY!!!”) and the ups and downs.   The number of times my husband has had to reassure me of his confidence in my abilities, and compliments others have given while I whined about how much I  hate my own photos…   With the emotional roller coaster I’ve put my husband through over the last 2 years of starting my business, he certainly deserves a medal!  Or at least a really big cookie.  Let’s also not leave out that having a dual income, makes it much easier to take the risk of starting a new business.  (We so appreciate your dinero, Muchachos!)  I just love my job and where I’m at in life and I couldn’t have done it without you, Alex!

THANKS TO ALL THE HUSBANDS, ALL THE HELPERS, FAIRY GODMOTHERS AND FELLOW WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS who have allowed us to get where we are.  We promise won’t let you down!

My fun-loving husband normally looks like this (photo taken in early 2011):

But after me taking too many photos of him he looks like this, my brooding model (One of the first photos I took with my DSLR  in 2010):



Melissa - September 6, 2012 - 3:03 pm

So true! Every single word :)

Amy Rizzuto - September 21, 2012 - 1:11 am

I LOVE this post! It might be my favorite!

Sweet Home California

It’s weird being a stranger in to your own home.  I don’t know my way around San Fransisco the way I do New York, I don’t know the cool places to go or the touristy places to avoid, and couldn’t point you in the direction of the nearest Bart Train stop.  And even so I feel very much at home getting lost in the windy hills of Sausalito,  climbing the hills higher and higher above the Golden Gate, sipping vino at an outdoor restaurant in Napa or hiking the wildflower-covered trails that Tahoe offers as you go to greater heights and greater views with each step.   The smells of California, I can’t describe, but it’s better than fresh laundry mixed with new car mixed with a florist shop.  And Eucalyptus.  There is definitely some Eucalyptus in there.  The weather is perfect with evenings that cool down and refreshingly require a jacket even after a day hot enough to wear shorts.

I had the great pleasure of spending almost three weeks in my homeland of Northern California this past July.  Alex and I traveled everywhere from foggy San Fransisco, to the sweet bay town of Sausalito, shopping in Sonoma and wine tasting in Napa.  Finally we ended up at Lake Tahoe where we spend the majority of our time either on the lake or hiking the surrounding mountains.  It was an amazing time catching up with family, and celebrating Alex and my birthdays and 2 year wedding anniversary.  While I was there, I took a photographer friend’s advice and “shot for myself.”  It was amazingly refreshing and though it was for myself that I captured the places and moments that stood out to me in California, I’m sharing a few of my faves with all of you!

California brides if you are reading this, ask me about my special discounts for California weddings in 2013.  Any excuse to get out there more often!!!

A few of my faves from the iPhone Instagram app.  I assume most of you have this, but if you don’t you should really check it out, it’s super fun and brings out the best photographer in everyone! :)  I used my phone camera mostly in Napa and Sausalito and some in Tahoe :)

Lily - September 4, 2012 - 5:29 pm

Beautiful shots, Care! Wish I saw you when you were back in California.

Susannah Gill - September 4, 2012 - 5:39 pm

Oh I love that Queen Ann’s Lace picture- that flower was in my wedding bouquet! We love Nor Cal now too! Where was that flower picture taken??? Next time you come perhaps we could actually meet!!!

admin - September 5, 2012 - 6:59 am

Thanks Susannah! That was taken on a wildflower hike near Lake Tahoe. That is Round Top Peak behind the flowers. Hope we can meet soon!

Amy Rizzuto - September 5, 2012 - 11:18 pm

Beautiful post Caroline! You have officially made me want to hop on a plane and head to California RIGHT NOW!

F o l l o w   u s