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    A few things you should know about me...I am passionate about creating wedding photos that are natural, romantic and timeless. My approach to portrait time is to create timeless imagery that captures you two and your unique love in an honest, but gorgeously composed way that looks almost candid. Not a model? No problem! I believe it's a photographer's job, not yours to help you look and feel comfortable in front of the camera! I work in both medium format film and some digital. Film because of its beautiful, soft, fine art qualities and perfect skin tones, and digital because of it's reliability in low light situations.

    In my spare time I read, write poetry, music and mentor other women. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and my drink of choice is a French 75.

    But enough about me... I look forward to hearing more about you and your wedding plans!

Central Park Spring Engagement Sesssion | NYC Film Wedding Photographer

central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
central park magnolias
central park magnolias
central park spring blossoms
central park spring blossoms
pretty close up engagement photo

Spring in NYC is an event like I never experienced in California.  The week the snow has finally all melted away, the weather starts reaching the 60s, and the trees seem to almost instantly burst into bloom everywhere,  hoards of people from all five boroughs stream to Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden like prairie dogs emerging from their underground tunnels after the rain.  Everyone is always abuzz about the cherry blossoms, including me, but in some ways the main event in Central Park is really the magnolias: huge pink and white, sweet-smelling flowers that grow in clusters all over the upper east side of the park.  Like the cherry blossoms they burst into bloom very quickly but last only about a week, so it’s very hard to time a photo-shoot around them.   I was lucky enough to have 4 scheduled the week they peaked including Michael and Manuela’s, who were especially hoping for a magnolia-themed engagement shoot.

My absolute favorite thing about my job is when a bride and groom become friends.   Michael and Manuela found me in New York Magazine, like many of my couples do, and with very little knowledge of what to expect we scheduled to meet up, chat about their wedding and show them my sample albums over a glass of wine.  Less than 5 minutes into the conversation, we realized we had so much in common and bonded over our faith and shared struggles of finding a church in NYC where we felt at home.  My husband, Alex, who was nearby got roped into the restaurant and over a glass of wine, the four of us realized that we are probably going to be life-long friends.  Alex was so touched to receive an invitation to the wedding last month and so now in addition to photographing their wedding,  Alex and I also get to celebrate as guests and friends!

Much like Alex and me, Michael and Manuela have different strengths that complement each others.  Manuela reminds me a lot of Alex with her reliability, faithfulness, honesty, organization, and down-to-earth practical look on the world.  She is also has an artistic eye which with these aforementioned skills is a rare combination and makes her excellent at managing the business side of things for creative types!   Michael is also very creative as well as genial, adventurous, insightful, spontaneous, and intuitive.  Together they make one amazing couple, who I know will be an unstoppable force of love, innovation, and change wherever they decide to apply their gifts.  I feel so blessed to have met Michael and Manuela and to have been asked to photograph their wedding at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club (coming up this week!)

All images by NYC Film Wedding Photographer Caroline Frost

Leandra Brown - May 11, 2015 - 4:25 pm

Beautiful Caroline! What a gorgeous couple!

Lisa Kahlow Photography & Design - May 11, 2015 - 8:11 pm

I am swooning over these images and oh the magnolia’s! Beautiful images and couple!

Mariana Feely - May 12, 2015 - 12:06 pm

Love this Caroline ! I love how you frame and posed each and every photo. Amazing job!

Joanna Lohlfarth - June 11, 2015 - 7:52 pm

Oh my word! Manuela and Mike you both are so photogenic! Blessings on your new life together!

Dreamy Spring NYC and Central Park Engagement Photos


Jonathan and Joyce are getting married in California, but they wanted engagement photos in NYC, where they are about to move and call their home.  Though it was a chillier day than we have hoped, Jonathan and Joyce’s warm smiles lit up every photo, making it feel like summer had come early.  We began at Bryant Park, on the steps of the New York Public Library, and moved up to Central Park where the magnolias had just burst, a sure sign of spring being around the corner.  We also had various kinds of cherry blossoms cheering the landscape.

I am so privileged to have met this incredible couple.  When I call them incredible, I’m not just talking about the fact they were warm, fun, easy-going people to work with (who also happen to have great style.)  Jonathan and Joyce are the kind of people who use their honeymoon fund to go to developing countries and serve the poorest of the poor with free medical services instead – that kind of amazing!  Just a couple hours with this couple had me totally inspired to live an even more purposed life!

Jonathan and Joyce – it was so wonderful spending the evening with you. I know your wedding will be incredible.  I wish you a long happy blessed life together!

Every moment captured in film, by NYC film wedding photographer Caroline Frost and developed by Richard Photo Lab.

Cherry Blossom Mini Photo Sessions | NYC Photographer

nyc cherry blossom mini photo session

The cherry blossoms have burst out in full bloom, but they won’t last long!  To celebrate (and to honor her obsession with these tiny pink flowers), Caroline is offering special cherry blossom themed mini photo sessions for this week only May 2-8 in Central Park! Photographed in medium format film of course!  This is your chance to get those frame-able family photos, engagement photos, head shots or Facebook profile pics you’ve been wanting!  Contact the studio for more info!  Availability is limited.  Mini photo sessions are not available after May 8th.

Metropolitan Museum Engagement | NYC Wedding Photographer

What does an NYC wedding photographer do for an engagement session on a rainy day in NYC with a couple who is unable to reschedule?  Well, luckily we can often reschedule to a sunny day which gives us a bit more flexibility, but for when that’s not possible there are lots of beautiful indoor options for engagement photos in NYC.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art (also known as “The Met”) is a fabulous place to get natural light engagement photos done.  The guards are usually pretty busy with the amount of people that visit and don’t seem too worried about photos – as of yet.  Unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible to get in here unnoticed in a wedding dress, but for engagement photos it worked very well!  The other option is a cute coffee shop like Jeffery’s Grocery in the West Village (check with them beforehand), a cool subway station (I like the one at 72nd and Broadway), or just getting a pretty coat and a sturdy umbrella and toughing it outside!  Another option we didn’t make use of this time, and that works even in a wedding dress, is Grand Central Station.  With its beautiful architecture and throngs of travelers on the go, it is an iconic NYC spot!  Thankfully no permits are required to photograph a bride and groom there!

When Diana and Stephen reached out to me about photographing their wedding (and included a video of their proposal),  I knew instantly that I wanted to photograph this couple’s wedding!  Stephen lured Diana to their high school auditorium where they first met, and he screened a video he had worked on for months.  Though it began with some sentimental words and memories of their first moments together (intertwined with some hilarious re-enactments by friends) he ended with, “I would like to do something sappy and extremely romantical to show you just how much I love you…  But, that just wouldn’t be us.”  That was followed by 4 minutes of a homemade music video of the song “Teenage Dream” in homage to how they met as teenagers with various family members dancing and lip syncing to the song including a hilarious deadpan reading of the lyrics by her grandma.  At the end of the video, Stephen and Diana’s entire family appeared from behind the auditorium curtain and he proposed.  The video had me laughing and crying over this couple I had never met.  I wrote Diana and Stephen back,  “After watching your proposal video I’ve become extremely attached to you guys and your story, so I really hope we can work together!”

These two were such troopers on our freezing, rainy day adventures for their engagement shoot and despite all the inconveniences, we were able to get some awesome photos.  I know we are going to have an awesome time together at their NYC wedding on August 15th.  I can’t wait!


Lauren - May 5, 2015 - 3:00 pm

Even on a rainy day, you captured this couple’s love for one another very well. Thanks for sharing these images!

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