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    A few things you should know about me...I am passionate about creating wedding photos that are natural, romantic and timeless. My approach to portrait time is to create timeless imagery that captures you two and your unique love in an honest, but gorgeously composed way that looks almost candid. Not a model? No problem! I believe it's a photographer's job, not yours to help you look and feel comfortable in front of the camera! I work in both medium format film and some digital. Film because of its beautiful, soft, fine art qualities and perfect skin tones, and digital because of it's reliability in low light situations.

    In my spare time I read, write poetry, music and mentor other women. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and my drink of choice is a French 75.

    But enough about me... I look forward to hearing more about you and your wedding plans!

Help the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Alex and I were fortunate enough in the crazy storm that hit the East Coast like a train,  to be in a high land area far from any water sources and even to keep power.  Many others did not fare so lucky.  All you have to do is turn on the news for a minute to hear the craziest news stories NYC has seen in decades, hospitals being evacuated, entire neighborhoods burnt down or washed away.   Most of New Jersey and half of Manhattan are without water, electricity, phone service, and heat as the nights are just starting to turn colder.

I was glued to the news until 3 AM on Monday night, especially for any news of the Rockaways where fires started in the middle of the hurricane as their streets turned to rivers within minutes.   No help could get to them, so over 100 houses burned to the ground.   We had friends who live in that neighborhood and (praise God!) were only a block from where the fire miraculously stopped, but described to us the horrors of that night and what they went through and all the families there that no that no longer have homes.  They’ve come to live with us for awhile as their neighborhood might take up to a month to get power back, so extensive is the damage.  You think they’d want to recover from that horrific night, but after a nights rest they are on their way to Manhattan with their daughters to volunteer where their church is giving food and water to the elderly who have no way of getting it for themselves as the elevators in their building are out of order.  It’s touching to see such amazing love and resilience in people who suffered so much themselves.

It reminds me that no matter how bad things feel for you right now, someone else is worse off!  Many people can use your help.  Since many people don’t have to work this week as many offices/businesses are out of power, so see how you can volunteer!  If you have water and electricity, offer your home to those who don’t! If you can’t volunteer, please give to help those who can to have the supplies they need!

Volunteer Opportunities

New York Dream Center (Chelsea)-

Lower East Side-

More Opportunities-

Make a Donation to Relief Efforts

Donate to NYC Hurricane Sandy Fund-

Red Cross-


A Chilling Autumn Sonnet

So I’m a big nerd for Shakespeare, and with fall weather springing up it reminded me of this chilling autumn sonnet. No its not super uplifting, but it does have elements of romance and definitely befits the mood of the season. Take a sip of some hot cider you poetry lovers and enjoy Sonnet 73, which had me pondering how though everything in this life will eventually pass away, much as leaves in fall, that fragile brevity is the very thing that makes our love all the sweeter and stronger…as we cherish and cling to the passing moments we do have together in this life. Enjoy!

That time of year thou mayst in me behold

When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang

Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,

Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.

In me thou see’st the twilight of such day

As after sunset fadeth in the west;

Which by and by black night doth take away,

Death’s second self, that seals up all in rest.

In me thou see’st the glowing of such fire,

That on the ashes of his youth doth lie,

As the deathbed whereon it must expire,

Consumed with that which it was nourished by.

This thou perceiv’st, which makes thy love more strong,

To love that well which thou must leave ere long.

Sonnet 73 William Shakespeare’

Kevin and Julie Part One | Central Park and Lincoln Center Engagement Shoot

I have to admin, most of the year I’m homesick for California, but when Autumn arrives and those leaves start changing, there is no where I’d rather be than New York City.   And boy do I have a tasty autumn treat for you today…almost as tasty as hot buttered rum or a warm apple crisp (both of which are on my to-do list to make this fall).

They met in Law School during Julie’s second year and Kevin’s third.  They worked on the same journal of which Kevin was the Business Editor, giving him the responsibility matching up students on the journal to work together on assignments.  There may have been a slight abuse of power when Kevin assigned Julie to work with him for the first assignment, though she didn’t suspect at first as he was harder on her than anyone else.  Julie insists that doing bluebook editing of various articles being published in their journal was not very sexy work, but spending long hours huddled over books in the library together on any subject can’t help but lead to romance.    And so it did!

They’ve since become lawyers at big firms, and Kevin proposed earlier this year in Lincoln Center in front of the fountain, much to her surprise as he told her they were on their way to have dinner with some friends.  We spent half our time at the scene of the crime, and the other half we spent amongst the changing leaves in Central Park.  In honor of where their romance first blossomed we’ll be doing a New York Public Library session later in November as well, hence this is Part I of II!

Julie, you are adorable!  Doesn’t she look like Jennifer Garner, Internet?

Kevin looking studly.

I do love me a willow tree…
Lincoln Center where Kevin proposed to Julie in front of the fountain was the first stop on our list.

  Clearly we weren’t the only ones who had come to enjoy the plaza that day, its a miracle that we managed nonetheless to find some quiet corners for some romantic shots

That’s the face of a girl who is loved and knows it.  So adorable! :)

West Village and Washington Square Park Autumn Engagement Shoot | NYC Photographer

I had such a fun Saturday afternoon with this couple, or should I say family of three with their fur-baby Orlen.  Brett and Lauren live right near the arch at Washington Square Park and wanted to capture their love around the neighborhood where they first fell in love!  We discovered a new adorable block in the West Village, and were so lucky to have one of the sunniest warmest days we had seen in a few weeks.  Clearly everyone else in NYC thought so too, because the traffic both on the street and sidewalks was something terrible!  Luckily Washington Square park was in walking distance, so we headed over their after picking up Orlen and found a little quiet spot.

Afterwards we sat at on the steps outside the Tea Spot (now also the Wine Spot) one of my favorites haunts in my college days and sipped on some Chardonnay while they told me about their jobs, their dream jobs and their plans for their 2013 wedding.  They are planning an outdoor candlelight ceremony at the Central Park Boathouse next October – does it get anymore dreamy?

These two warned me that they wouldn’t be photogenic, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that’s just not true!!  Lauren has that sultry, Catherine Zeta-Jones look that this washed out blonde girl is so jealous of,  and piercing light blue eyes, while Brett has that classic, handsome, all-American look.  Together they make one hot couple!   I hope you readers enjoy this little journey through their west village love story!

Too tooooo gorgeous for words, Lauren.
Meet their fur-baby, the cutest silky terrier to grace the streets of NYC- Orlen.

Sometimes the light is so perfect, I can’t decide whether the photo looks better in color with the lovely soft warm skin tones, or in black and white where the skin just glows and the eyes pop!  This time I opted for black and white, but these next two look amazing in color as well!

Michelle - October 22, 2012 - 5:59 pm

Hello gorgeous! I can’t get enough of your west village engagement sessions… perfection.

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