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    A few things you should know about me...I am passionate about creating wedding photos that are natural, romantic and timeless. My approach to portrait time is to create timeless imagery that captures you two and your unique love in an honest, but gorgeously composed way that looks almost candid. Not a model? No problem! I believe it's a photographer's job, not yours to help you look and feel comfortable in front of the camera! I work in both medium format film and some digital. Film because of its beautiful, soft, fine art qualities and perfect skin tones, and digital because of it's reliability in low light situations.

    In my spare time I read, write poetry, music and mentor other women. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and my drink of choice is a French 75.

    But enough about me... I look forward to hearing more about you and your wedding plans!

Holly and Sam | NYC Engagement Photographer

As soon as I first spoke to Holly on the phone, I knew I wanted to be her wedding photographer.   Besides the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous, she is an event planner for a high-end cosmetics company and her job takes her all over the world, and frequently to Paris!  Plus, she naturally has that necessary event-planner quality of not panicking or getting upset when things don’t go as planned…a trait that comes in handy for any bride.  How can you go wrong with an event-planner bride?  You know their wedding next October is going to be just perfect!

Most of all, I hit the jackpot with this couple because Holly and Sam are both two incredibly kind and generous people.  The kind of people that send thank-you notes not just for wedding gifts, and who truly care about inconveniencing others.  I loved that though I had only met Holly in person prior to them booking me, Sam sent me an email later introducing himself and saying that he shared Holly’s excitement at hiring me to be their wedding photographer.

Not only have I had the privilege of meeting many fantastically stylish brides and grooms this year, but I’ve had the honor of meeting many of their pets.   I love this new fad of bringing pets to engagement photo sessions because it adds such a fun element to the photos.  Can’t get enough of this beautiful couple and their sweet puppy Lily.   We started their session near their Manhattan apartment, and ended with some perfect light in central park.   I know you won’t be able to help but drool over every image this show-stopping couple.

judy pak photography - November 19, 2012 - 8:15 pm

Couple look like models! You captured the beauty of autumn and their love perfectly.

[…] lives and the impact they’ve made on those around them.   I said it before after their engagement shoot, but from our short time together I really got the sense that Sam and Holly are such beautiful […]

Madison and Trent | NYC Engagement Photographer

By the time I finally met Madison on a West Village street corner, we had been corresponding for almost two months and I already felt like I knew her.  In person she was everything I expected: fun, sweet, stylish and most importantly loved photos!  Of course, she was decked head to toe in Anthropologie and him in J Crew which you KNOW I can’t get enough of…  I felt like I already knew Trent as well, given his uncanny resemblance to Alex and my close friend, Nick, who was the best man at our wedding.  Trent works in architecture and Madison works in the related field of interior design.  I feel so honored when a creative couples like this connect with my work and trust me to capture their love in a creative, beautiful way.

We started off at “Lovely” in the West Village where Madison purchased her wedding gown and stopped by for some quick photos.  (Trent wasn’t allowed in, duh!)  We had so much fun in there, and it got me envisioning a new sort of pre-wedding shoot.  I’d love for a bride to hire me just to photograph her wedding dress shopping with her bridesmaids!  After some fun around the west village, and stopping by Liv Tyler’s house for tea…okay just for some pictures outside,  we moved to central park for some romantic winter-scape photos…We ended the day at the The High Line and despite the hoards of people were able to capture a little bit of its character!   Enjoy some highlights of our day of engagement photography around NYC!

Amy Rizzuto - November 18, 2012 - 7:00 pm


judypak - November 19, 2012 - 8:12 pm

SO sweet and adorable.

Irrational Fear # 1 – Street Photography | Honestly

Heights, needles, riding a bike in NYC – all of these are silly irrational fears of mine, but none my fears are more ridiculous than my fear of street photography.  What am I afraid of, you ask?  Good question.  I’m not afraid of doing engagement sessions or wedding portraits around the city.  I direct those bad boys all over the place and don’t care who in the city hears me, sees me or trips over me.  So whats the problem with street photography?  It could be that I’m taken for a tourist and an impatient New Yorker shoves me aside or it could be that I look like a weirdo crouching on the street by myself with my camera pointed at what may appear to others a piece of trash.  It could be that I will suck at street photography and find out I’m a one-trick photographer who can only capture people and weddings, or it could be, you know, that my camera will spontaneously learn to talk and loudspeaker to all of New York City and every hipster with a camera taking photos of a warehouse door, that I suck at photography.  You know, that kind of stuff.  Therefore, taking my camera around with me and shooting on the street is something I just don’t do.

Imagine this if you will:  I’m walking down the street when I see an army of birds, standing in their long row at attention, the image and the story catches my eye.  An army of the dumbest bird in the world, standing at almost perfect attention.  I’m with another photographer, my dear friend Amy Rizzuto, who would totally understand me stopping to take a picture, and yet I still walk by.   “That’d be a cool picture” I say to her as we cross the street, feeling the pressure of the blinking, white, walky-man (as I secretly call it) sign to keep moving.  Never mind that I have my 5D Mark II on my hip, ready for action, as were just coming from the PDN photo plus expo.

“Do you want to stop?” She asks.

“Nah that’s okay,” I reply. “We’ll miss the light. ”

“Come ON!” she says tugging me to the island in the middle of the street.

Thank you Amy you fearless woman you.  Photographing pigeons on NYC streets isn’t as scary as I thought.

  That night I had the opportunity to go on the Creative Live New York City Photo Walk and take pictures at night on the High Line Park.  Choosing to do street photography is one thing.  Choosing to do street photography without natural light, that’s a whole other blog post on things I just don’t do.  (Idea for Irrational Fear #2- Fear of the Dark) And yet it was an interesting challenge because only was I able to do some street photography in the safe mass of 50 other photographers, but I was forced to look at light in a new way than I normally do.   Here is a little bit of what came out of that time, I hope you enjoy!!

Amy Rizzuto - November 14, 2012 - 9:49 am

AHHH! I love this post Caroline! Such pretty pictures and a great story :)

Laura + Zach | Fort Tryon Park Engagement Session

Laura and Zach met from Facebook, but not online.   No, they both happened to be at the same Facebook party in California.  Now, several years later they are tying the knot and making it official – Facebook official. :)  Hurricane Sandy rained on the Halloween Parade, but also on our planned day for the engagement session, so we rescheduled for a few days later and though we had to hop some barriers and fallen trees to to get into the park, and transfer about a hundred times on the extra slow subways which weren’t fully back to normal yet,  we made the most of what we had, got some beautiful images and discovered some lovely parts of the park that I had never seen before.  Grab a cup of cider and enjoy a few images from Zach and Laura’s cozy Fall engagement session:

Can’t wait to photograph their Napa wedding next Thanksgiving weekend !

judy pak - November 14, 2012 - 9:41 am

gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos!

F o l l o w   u s