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    A few things you should know about me...I am passionate about creating wedding photos that are natural, romantic and timeless. My approach to portrait time is to create timeless imagery that captures you two and your unique love in an honest, but gorgeously composed way that looks almost candid. Not a model? No problem! I believe it's a photographer's job, not yours to help you look and feel comfortable in front of the camera! I work in both medium format film and some digital. Film because of its beautiful, soft, fine art qualities and perfect skin tones, and digital because of it's reliability in low light situations.

    In my spare time I read, write poetry, music and mentor other women. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and my drink of choice is a French 75.

    But enough about me... I look forward to hearing more about you and your wedding plans!

James and Jill | New York Engagement Photographer

The moment I met Jill at ABC Kitchen and we both ordered a Cabernet Sauvingon, I knew we were kindred spirits.  Indeed the more she told me about her relationship with James,  her passion for helping incarcerated teens get rehabilitated, and her vision for a wedding with a secret garden vibe (the exact words I told my wedding planner about 2 years ago), I was convinced.  I had the pleasure of later meeting James and their adorable dog Zoe.   Jill is a passionate woman who just recently gave up a great job to go after her passion of making a difference, and  James is an easy-going financial lawyer who never gets sick, like ever.  (I’m just fascinated by this).

It was nearly freezing on this April day, which we were hoping would have brought us some more springish weather, and all of us had numb hands by the end.  However, you can’t tell because their love and laughter just warms up every image.  We started at a little nook on the east river right by their old apartment.   We then zoomed down in a cab to their Chelsea apartment and captured a little bit of a lifestyle session vibe, which basically means we tried to encapsulate an average day in the life.  We ended the session with a gorgeous sunset at The Highline park.  Enjoy every moment of their NYC love story here.

I’m just loving black and white’s right now…

James just loved the idea of taking some shots telling the wedding planning story.  I’m sure many grooms can relate…

Had to share this one, she is just too precious!!!

Shoebox Memories | Always Going to Be A Photographer

Sometimes in the present I look at my life and can’t believe I’m living it.  I get to make a living with my art?  I am a PHOTOGRAPHER?  *Cringes at how cheesy it sounds…*  But it’s true: sometimes I just want to just stop and think, how did I get here?  Everyone expected me to grow up and do something nerdy and practical, though I hoped it would be also artistic and exciting (I not-so-secretly wanted to be a musical theater actress).  But when I really think back, I see all these hints that God was leading me here to this career that I love all along.

Alex and I were doing some major spring cleaning the past few weeks (more on that to come) and I came across a shoebox of memories that had all these photos in it.  Photos I took almost ten years ago on my family’s trip to Europe.  I knew nothing about shooting in manual, RAW probably didn’t exist yet, and my little point and shoot was about the size of my hand, but you can already see my love for light, nature,  unique perspectives and leading lines.  Even though I knew zero about those things.  I remember thinking on that trip how cool it would be to be a photographer one day, traveling the world.  And I remembered especially taking this picture of my youngest sister, Cameryn, and thinking how much I loved photographing people more than anything.  Little did I know God was taking notes!  I was always going to be a photographer.  Even when I picked my major of human rights instead of Film/Video (which I strongly considered) at NYU, even when I was suffocating in desk job after desk job,  even when I was crying out to God to show me my calling.  He knew it was coming, He was preparing me all along through every hard experience, and I was always going to be a photographer.



Amy Rizzuto - April 9, 2013 - 6:00 pm

Beautiful Caroline! So amazing to see how God is making all of your dreams come true. :)

NYC Bridal Boudoir Photographer

She said whaaat?  That’s right ladies,  I know it sounds scary,  I know your knees are knocking in your knickers (Hows THAT for some bomb alliteration Mrs. Shoenfeld from 7th grade Lit?), but just think how fun would it be to give a book of sweet and sexy photos for your hubby as a wedding day gift?  That was this lovely lady’s idea,  a bride of mine who contacted me about doing the shoot right before her bachlorette party which took place at a hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

For a soft, romantic, yet not-trying-too-hard look, she stuck with simple white lingerie.  We used mostly natural light which at first gave us a beautiful,  innocent glowing light on her face for us, but as the sun dipped behind the buildings, the rooms got a little darker, and the photos a bit darker and moodier. We had a great time bringing out her inner fierceness.  Oh and ladies, her hubby LOVED the photos and was so surprised!

I know what you’re thinking, she must be a model right?  Actually, no!   Starting out, she was just as nervous as you probably are.  My style is simple, sweet, and sexy without trying to hard, so no I’m not going to make you do anything weird or uncomfortable.  We keep it relaxed and have a lot of fun.  After only a few minutes, this lovely lady went from nervous to completely relaxed and at ease!!!

I have permission to share these two photos with you, but we did a lot more with a lot more variety!  Contact me for more information on how to set up the perfect shoot.  Please note that I’m only taking bridal boudoir clients (pre or post wedding) at this time.



Jamaica | Personal Files

Things have been hectic lately, so I apologize for my absence from the blog for the last week.  As many of you know we just moved from Astoria back to the Upper West Side- yay!  But more about that later.   I thought that  in my current state of chaos (I’m currently sitting on a couch with Alex’s ancient laptop amidst piles of boxes) , it might benefit me to harken back to a simpler time…to two weeks ago by the beach in Jamaica, where  my only cares were preventing sunburn (didn’t work) and wondering what was going to happen to Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged (she dies).  Just kidding she doesn’t! Well, I haven’t finished it the 1000+ page monster of a book yet, so actually maybe she does… ;-)

All hail the Jamaica beer- Red Stripe!  We were at an all-inclusive resort, so we did have quite a few of these…

 You better believe my honey that can eat like a sumo wrestler took full advantage of the fact that it was an all inclusive resort…Alex: “Should I have the steak or lobster? Given that it’s all included I’m gonna say both…”

Let’s be honest, I went on this vacation with the sole purpose of doing nothing, so I didn’t want to take a ton of pictures.  But I did take Alex out one evening at “Golden Hour” (the half hour before and after sunset…aka the best light), taught him how to shoot in manual and a little bit about posing, and then I took a few photos myself…

Go Alex!  He posed this (almost) by himself.  Don’t tell him I said that…

And you may have noticed there are really no photos of me on here, and that’s because I’m usually the photographer.  But Alex took this one on our last day

Alex – proud of himself for shooting in manual and for “finding the good light”. :)

All images taken of Caroline (not of Alex or scenery) are copyright General Alexander T. Shea.  Yes, he made me say that.  No, he’s not a general.

Cherie Murashige - April 3, 2013 - 12:13 pm

Love it Caroline! Looks like such a relaxing trip!

Angela Newton Roy - April 3, 2013 - 1:26 pm

These made me smile! You and Alex are so adorable (he’s too funny…that last one is the best!) and it looked like you had a great time together! Much needed and deserved! Thanks for sharing!

Cassi Claire - April 3, 2013 - 1:56 pm

General Alexander T. Shea?? Totally something Chris would make me do!! I love it!! :)

Amy Rizzuto - April 3, 2013 - 3:56 pm

Such a fun post to read Caroline! The last line cracked me up!

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