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5 Tips for Selecting The Best New York Wedding Photographer


New York wedding photographer Caroline Frost offers the very best in New York wedding photography

Getting married in New York, NY?  Who will be your New York wedding photographer?

Here are a few important items to consider when looking for your New York wedding photographer:

1. Personality

Its important when hiring a New York wedding photographer to consider their personality.  This is someone you will be spending the most important day of your life with.  Every moment from getting ready to cutting the cake, they will be there.  An attentive New York wedding photographer will also probably be meeting with their brides and grooms several times in the year leading up to your wedding.   Your New York wedding photographer should be professional yet personable, and know how to make photos fun!

2. Experience with New York

NYC offers special challenges that not all photographers are used to such as transportation issues, lack of natural light and rude people getting in the way.  Its import to hire someone who is used to photographing in such challenging environments such as that, and can guide you towards a schedule for your new york wedding photography that makes sense given the constraints of New York City.  Your New York wedding photographer should be able to roll with the challenges of the day and be able to adapt at a moments notice.

3. Price

While price always plays a factor when selecting your New York wedding photographer, its important to not let it limit you to someone without experience or talent.  Too often you hear of horror stories of brides choosing their New York wedding photographer purely on price, but at the end of your wedding day, your photos are all you have to remember it.

4. Albums and other products

What do you do with all the beautiful images from your New York wedding?  Whether you are displaying them on the walls of your NYC apartment, or purchasing an album to tell the story of your day from beginning to end, be cautious as many New York wedding photographers offer low-end products at a high end price.  Make sure you are able to touch and see the albums, prints, and wall art they offer before booking your New York wedding photographer.

5. Artistic Vision

Its important to have your wedding day captured by a New York wedding photographer who has your same artistic vision.  Whether you are looking for a photo-journalistic approach from your New York wedding photographer or a more editorial or contemporary approach, it is important to share these things with your New York wedding photographer so they can either focus on your favorite style, or help lead you to another New York wedding photographer who specializes in that style.

Photo journalist wedding photographers usually stand back and watch the day unfold.  Their photos might be less artistic or magazine worthy, but they are genuine moments.  An editorial or contemporary New York wedding photographer is often looking to help the pose bride and groom achieve artistic images that would be magazine worthy and look beautiful as art in your home.  When looking for an editorial or contemporary New York wedding photographer it is important that they also know how to make the couple look like themselves.

Caroline Frost is a New York wedding photographer based on the Upper West Side of New York City, offering the best of New York wedding photography in New York, Brooklyn, Hudson Valley, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.   Caroline also travels for destination weddings in California and many more locations.  Caroline is a New York film wedding photographer.  Caroline Frost specializes in soft, romantic, natural, timeless New York Wedding photography that mixes the natural at-ease look of photojournalism with beautiful composition, light and attention to detail to give you beautiful images that almost look like you paused a romantic movie.  To learn more about this New York wedding photographer visit

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[…] Need help finding Your New York Wedding Photographer? […]

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Oacky - August 18, 2014 - 10:54 am

Wonderful information. Thank You for sharing!

[…] Need Help Finding Your New York Wedding Photographer? […]

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