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Bowery Hotel Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

“Maybe New York’s just too big a town. There’s millions of people in this city. How in all this mess is a guyView full post »

Studio 450 Wedding | NYC Wedding Photographer

Weddings are ultimately about love, and not just the couple’s love for each other, but also their family andView full post »

Cork Factory Hotel Wedding | New York and Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

There were so many special moments and personal touches in this wedding, I don’t know where to begin.  Why don&#View full post »

What Does It Take to Be a New York Wedding Photographer? | Behind the Scenes 2013 NYC

I’d like to propose that wedding photographers have one of the simultaneously toughest and most fun jobs there isView full post »

Cold Spring Country Club Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

I am a complete sucker all that is vintage, old-world, and classic and with my Downtown Abbey obsession, my passion hasView full post »

Bryant Park Grill Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

Being a New York wedding photographer is such a unique profession.  You come into people’s lives for a year or soView full post »

Suanne and Perry | New York Wedding Photographer

My second shooter Sidney captured so beautifully the simultaneous agony and excitement Perry must have been feelingView full post »

Amanda and Andrew’s Waveny House Wedding

If there is one thing that my home state California lacks that the East Coast has in abundance it’s old mansionsView full post »

Jenn and Erik Central Park Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

What is a sweet, modest, NYC-loving, Canadian couple with big families to do?  Elope to NYC of course!  Jenn, Erik andView full post »

Metropolitan Building Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

I just love me a New York City wedding and the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City has to be my favorite venue inView full post »

Lasdon Park Wedding | Jess and Lou | New York Wedding Photographer

I made the mistake of telling Jess I’m good luck.  I really thought I was. I had literally never had rain ruin orView full post »

Katie and David | Highlands Country Club | New York Wedding Photographer

I loved Katie from the first time I met her on a rainy day in Astoria.  Not only do I automatically love people whoView full post »

New York Botanical Garden Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

If someone made me, forced me, coerced me into divulging my favorite type of wedding, I’d have to admit,  itView full post »

Grasmere Farms Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

Some wedding days just melt your heart away and this was one of those.  This one not only melted my heart, but alsoView full post »

Boris and Rei’s City Hall Wedding | New York Wedding Photographer

Who after their wedding day doesn’t think, “Let’s do that again!”?  I know it was the firstView full post »

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