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New York Wedding Photographer Behind the Scenes | Wedding Season 2013

Once again, I’m slow on the blogging, but not for lack of work to show.  I have so many weddings/shoots that I’m dying to show you that are ready to blog as soon as the client sees them first or blogs publish them!   In the meantime, I thought it’d be fun to show a little bit of what I’ve been up to this year so far in the form of “Behind the Scenes.”  As the one in front of the camera all the time, there are very few pictures of me at work on most shoots, but for the recent weddings where I had second shooters, I can give you a fun glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes on the wedding day.

I never know why I’m so sore after the wedding day until I see pictures like this…Oh no wonder. I was doing squats all day long!

Shooting in central park on a Saturday means we always have an audience.  Even from row boats.  See Jennifer and Jean Noel’s  wedding photos here

Sometimes I’m a photographer, sometimes I’m a bridesmaid.  Always try to keep extra meds, pins, shout wipes, deodorant etc on me because you never know what a bride might need…

When the schedule allows I pull together a same-day slideshow for my couples during their cocktail reception as a surprise.  Seeing their reactions is always my favorite part.  This photo was particularly fun since these are three of my 2013 couples all congregated around Jenna and Mike’s slideshow.   See more from Jenna and Mike’s wedding here

Staging details takes a lot of patience.  Since I have very little for detail photography which requires balancing things and moving things micro inches, I try to channel mine from the Mister Miyagi place within.

I have much more patience for arranging people since they don’t accidentally fall over (usually) in the middle of my shot like a bouquet might.  So I can get it just right….

The result:

Full service photography doesn’t just mean I help you from your wedding photo planning  to buying prints, it also means that when its 100 degree out and you need a break, I will fan you with my reflector.  No extra charge.   Vivi clearly can’t believe how much it helped!
Sometimes I feel like I’m part photographer part monkey.  Here is me climbing up in the rafters of a barn for some detail shots of Matt and Vivi’s wedding.  
How would you caption this photo?  It looks like I’m saying, “If you guys run hand in hand to that distant horizon in this 100 degree heat for me that would be great.”  Vivi’s face is like “Dear God no…”   No I wouldn’t do that to them.  I think this is when we were deciding to take a break from the heat and to come back at sunset.   Matt and Vivi’s blog post will be coming soon!

Have a beautiful week!

xo Caroline

Photos Courtesy of  Mary Beth Mahaney,  Ayenia Noir, Brklyn View Photography and Zen Photography.

Vivian Elise Lantier - June 12, 2013 - 4:15 pm

so perfect!

Alicia Swedenborg - June 25, 2013 - 11:39 am

such a cute post! should be pinned on the top – better than any bio section!!

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