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New York Bridal Boudoir Photographer

“Flowers spring to blossom where she walks
The careful ways of duty;
Our hard, stiff lines of life with her
Are flowing curves of beauty.”

John G. Whittier



As women we love to pick ourselves apart, body part by part.  When we look at another person we may see a whole person, but when we look at ourselves, we fail to recognize our own beauty because we are staring at specific parts of ourselves that aren’t what we wish they were.  When your husband sees you, he sees a full picture: he sees softness, curves, and sparkling eyes.  He sees the woman he loves.  To him you are adorable, beautiful, and irresistible.  The boudoir shoot isn’t to show him that you are these things he already knows you are, but to show yourself!  (Though he doesn’t mind having these photos either!)  After a boudoir session with me, the same girls who come in to the shoot extremely nervous and worried about this “flaw” or that “flab,” leave feeling beautiful, and confident, and unable to believe that the photos they are seeing are them.  While the husbands are always thrilled with the photos, I think the confidence our boudoir shoots inject into their wives are the greater gift they receive!

Nothing brings me greater joy than to find the beauty in someone that they may not know is there and bringing it out –  it’s what I love about photographing people and boudoir sessions in particular!  To do this takes a lot of knowledge of what light, poses, and compositions enhance each individual woman’s best features, but if you have that knowledge, no Photoshop is required to make every woman look their best!

Boudoir sessions are always fun and laid back, but this session was particularly special as it was with a newlywed friend of mine who wanted to make a book for her husband’s birthday present.  I explained to her my style of boudoir which is soft, romantic, almost-photo-journalistic.   I want most of the images to feel like they could be real moments taken out of your real life.

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