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Be a Light in the Darkness

I’m one of those people that is really sensitive to violent movies.  I  can’t watch most R rated action movies because the images and emotions in those scenes don’t leave me for years.   The depression and self-loathing a person might be feeling to induce them to commit suicide or the hopelessness and vulnerability of a woman being raped, seep into my soul and no matter how much I tell myself the movie isn’t real, the people aren’t real, I can’t help thinking, “but the people alive right now experiencing this are” and they are closer to us than you think.   Sometimes I feel like such a weakling in my inability to disconnect from all that and just watch a freaking movie (imagine how much trouble I have watching the news), but I am beginning to think I was made this way for a reason.

When I started at NYU in 2006, I was becoming newly aware to the phenomenon of sex trafficking and sex slavery and knew I wanted to do something to help.  I had no idea what I could do, but I was still an undecided major, so I applied to the Gallatin School of Individualized study and designed my own major focusing on big social justice issues like sex trafficking, with a hope that someday I might find out how I could help.  In 2008, I went to Thailand for a month and in 2009, I traveled to Costa Rica hoping in both situations to make whatever small impact I could.  All the while, I had no idea how rampantly these things were occurring in my own backyard.

When I graduated school, I tried to find a job at some sort of non-profit that focused on these issues, but it was 2009 and not many jobs were to be found in any industry, especially the non-profits.  I ended up on another track and eventually found my passion for photography…but my passion for oppressed young women never left me.   Fast forward to 2011, my Mom (also very sensitive to violent movies and the news) was telling me about this organization, A New Day for Children, a home and school for the rehabilitation and healing of American trafficked girls between the ages of 10-18 (yes there are exploited 10 year olds in this country).   My mom really wanted to get involved, but wasn’t sure she could handle the emotional roller coaster of dealing with such dark issues.  I empathized, but encouraged her to go for it and that while she’d be going somewhere darker, she’d bring light with her.  She is now on the board for the organization, helping them to raise money!

I understand not wanting to think about this stuff…it’s heavy stuff and if you’re like me or my Mom thinking about it will weigh on you.  But you have a chance to bring light! You may not believe it, but there are estimated to be 300,000 girls between the ages of 10-17 caught in sex slavery in the USA and only 3 organizations like New Day for housing and rehabilitating victims in this country.  Most most organizations focus on other countries like Thailand and Costa Rica – which don’t get me wrong- is AMAZING- but it’s sad how little is known about the same problem being rampant in the United States.  Because there is no where for these American girls to go, they end up in jail or foster care where they usually end up back in the same situations.  New Day is in desperate need of more funds in order to be able to house more women!

I’ve been given so much, and I’m so grateful to God and all of you for helping my business be such a quick success, it’s time to give back.  Starting this month, 10% of every product you buy or service you book with Frost Photography will go to this amazing organization “New Day for Children.”  This is such an important issue to me.  Please watch the below video and consider making a greater donation here or  on Razoo to this home for girls.  Even if you just gave up a Starbucks coffee each morning for a month, think about how much you could give to these girls who didn’t get to have a childhood! $4 x 30 days = $120!!!  Or even just a nice meal out in NYC for two can cost that much…  I’m calling it “Operation Light in the Darkness”  Please consider giving $120 towards the cause, though any gift is welcome!   Join me in spreading some light into the darkness!

 If you want to read more about this issue of enslaving minors for sex in America I suggest this article in Vanity fair (which mentions New Day)

Donate online or below to Frost Photography’s “Operation Light in the Darkness” at Razoo

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[…] I talked in the past a bit about where a  lot of that goes- to one of my favorite charities, New Day For Children,  a home for recovering victims of trafficking.   Recently, we donated a family session to an […]

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