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Lasdon Park Wedding | Jess and Lou | New York Wedding Photographer

I made the mistake of telling Jess I’m good luck.  I really thought I was. I had literally never had rain ruin or change any wedding day plans for any bride of mine,  and when Jess mentioned to me concern about rain at our pre-wedding meeting, in my effort to stay positive, I told her of my belief.  The morning of Jess and Lou’s big day the clouds were ominous. “Don’t worry,” I told myself, it will pass.  The rain started to fall and didn’t let up my entire drive up.  When I arrived it just clearing and I was starting to see a good amount of blue sky.  When I saw first Jess she was like “I thought you jinxed me!”  The clouds had cleared though and the sun was really pouring in the windows now, so I gave a smug “I told you so” smile.  We get through getting ready photos, first look and the portraits and are just starting bridal party photos when the rain starts coming down, hard this time.  In my focus on our portraits, I hadn’t noticed that in the last 15 minutes, rain clouds had filled the heavens and blue sky was no longer in sight.  Guests were starting arrive and had to take shelter in the house.  The chairs had to be covered in tarps.  Jess and Lou were upstairs trying not to freak out, they didn’t have a great backup option for the ceremony.  We waited.  I felt HORRIBLE.  Maybe I did jinx it, or at least maybe she’ll think so.  I prayed.   And then I remembered.  This exact thing happened on my wedding day.  The rain started right before the ceremony, guests gathered in the house waiting, we had no backup plan.  However,  only a 15 or 20 minutes were lost and the ceremony was all the more special for it.  The clouds literally parted and the sun shone on us in the middle of our ceremony making it all the more beautiful, special and romantic than plain old blue skies.   Jess and Lou got one better.  15 minutes after their ceremony was supposed to start,  the rain stopped, the sky parted and a rainbow, to be more specific a DOUBLE RAINBOW (all the way across the sky) the symbol of a promise appeared over their wedding tent.  A sign if ever I saw one and such a special punctuation to the promises they were to make to each other that day.  It was really magical.  So maybe I am good luck after all…

Jess and Lou and all their friends and family were such a joy to spend the day with.  You can learn so much about a person by looking at their family and friends.   They were all warm, hospitable, friendly and just generally a lot of fun.   Lou’s best friend gave a best man speech to trump  all best man speeches,  there were so many sweet moments between the bride and her identical twin sister, and pretty much just lots of fun and silliness from all her bridesmaids who had been friends since childhood and despite having spent a lot of time together doing wedding stuff, still didn’t seem to want to be parted from each other the entire reception.   The dance floor was always full and the fun and crazy antics were non-stop.  Jess and Lou- I had such a wonderful time capturing your day, it was an honor to be a part of it. I wish you guys a long, happy life together!

Many thanks to Melissa and Julieanne who were invaluable in helping me capture the day!


Perfection, Jess, you are gorgeous.
The way he’s looking at her…my heart melts.  No wonder the guests were all crying.

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