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Jan and John’s Great Gatsby Wedding | NY Wedding Photographer

As of Friday morning, I had never met Jan or John and I hadn’t the faintest idea that I would be photographing their wedding.  However,  when Lauren Gabrielle emailed me Friday morning asking me to second shoot for her at this Long Island wedding I couldn’t pass it up.  I even cancelled a massage appointment I had, which is ironic given how much I could have used it after 12 hours of shooting on Saturday…I’m still sore and limping.

It was really fun shooting with Lauren, a laid back girl who is incidentally 3 months pregnant!  She gave me so much free rein to do my own thing; which I really appreciated.  First she dropped me off at the groom’s house, where  I simply knocked, introduced myself and started shooting.  His six groomsmen had a lot of fun giving this little photographer a hard time, but it made the day really fun, and I felt like I was shooting around friends by the end of it.   As a stark contrast to his rambunctious friends, the groom struck me immediately as a a very kind-hearted, quiet guy with a killer smile.  At one point I was gathering all my photo stuff out of the limo and I urged him and the groomsmen to head into the church while I finish packing up, but he insisted, “We aren’t going to leave you.”  Hang on to that one Jan!

Lauren was photographing Jan getting ready meanwhile and I didn’t see her until she pulled up in her vintage car.   Her gold and ivory mermaid gown with a silk bow around the waist was just breathtaking…  Jan was gorgeous (which goes without saying) and such a sweetheart too: quick to laugh and quick to smile.   It was clear how this pair were simply meant to be.

After the ceremony we went to the north shore of Long Island for some photos and then to the reception which was at an old mansion.  After the formal Catholic Mass, I would have never imagined the raucous reception that was to come…Jan and John’s friends and family could party! It was hard not to have fun at the reception amidst the wild dancing.

Something about this wedding really reminded me of the Great Gatsby what with the mansion (The Woodlands at Woodbury) ,  Long Island Shore, vintage Rolls Royce, suspenders and her slender mermaid gown.

OKAY…now what you really came for…not to hear me ramble.  Here is a selection of my favorite photos from the day…Lauren was so kind in giving me opportunities to choose some poses and locations for the couple.  I really wanted a wide shot of them against the reeds.  They were such naturals together and gave me my favorite shot of the day.  (The first photo below)

Thanks to John and Jan for letting me share their special day with them!


          The best man, John’s brother, asked me to take a shot of the groom looking out the limo window like he had just made the worst decision of his life.   Apparently it is a family tradition.   I didn’t include that shot for obvious reasons- but in between sad poses John’s real emotions about the day came out, and I got this shot.


When we had already given the driver of this fabulous car permission to leave, I happened to glance at the review mirror and see this archway.   I thought what a perfect frame within a frame within a frame.   We grabbed the couple who thought they had finally gotten a break, and got the driver to wait another minute while  I snapped this shot.

One thing that was really special about this wedding was the bond both families seemed to have.  During the father daughter dance I notice the groom watching his bride with such love and joy that I had to get this shot with him in the background.

I know you don’t usually see a lot of reception pictures on wedding blog posts but this reception was too fun to leave out!  This couple was the grooms brother/best man and sister-in-law who had only gotten married 9 months before.  They were so fun to photograph because they never stopped dancing and acting silly.  Here they were having fun dancing and singing to “Don’t stop Believing” with over-exaggerated gusto. Oh, and I also have to include this awesome kid who was a real head banger on the dance floor and never seemed to get tired.  He eluded my camera for most of the night, but eventually decided to give me a chance and I snapped this shot. 

Once the bride and groom had finally said all their hellos, they got on the dance floor and seemed to have the time of their lives.  This couple let it all loose and got crazy with the rest of their family. 


Liy Frost - August 15, 2011 - 7:18 pm


You caught such amazing shots! Dad and I thought we were at the wedding because you encaptured the feeling so well. Oh my gosh….I love these and the one with the bride dancing with her dad brought tears to my eyes!

The bride is such a cutie pie, so in that sense your job was easy! Haha.

Loved the frame in the frame in the frame one too….ALL OF THEM, my gifted daughter.

Ciara - August 16, 2011 - 12:30 am


You’re soooo gifted, just like you mom says! I would have loved to have those pictures for my wedding. Great job and now go get that massage;)



Lily - August 16, 2011 - 4:04 am


These are awesome!! LOVE the one where the couple are in the sideview mirror. Probably my favorite shot :)


judy pak - August 16, 2011 - 12:16 pm

wow, these are amazing. im speechless. your mom is right, you are gifted!

Crystal - August 17, 2011 - 7:43 pm

I just want to say congratulations to this newly married couple! You both are stunning! Beautiful and extremely creative photos, Caroline!

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Udreamy - August 24, 2011 - 5:38 am

Beautiful bride. So perfect wedding.

Judy Wohrle - September 1, 2011 - 10:21 pm


Jan just forwarded your beautiful pictures. Your work is magnificent. These photos certainly made a special day even more special for us. Reading all your kind words also brought back wonderful memories of that day. Your pictures captured how special Jan and John are not only to each other, but to us their family. I can’t thank you enough.

Judy Wohrle
(Jan’s mom)

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