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After a relaxing afternoon hanging out with our friends the Chens and their daughter Anthem,  we took a walk together to the delicious yogurt place, Sixteen Handles, which for some reason I only discovered this week.  (The verdict: Um…YUM!!!)  On the way back to our place,  we peeked in a discount store and Anthem’s mom bought her daughter two of her a favorite things: an umbrella and a ball.

You would think that having these two unequivocally exciting items would cause Anthem to be even happier than she was before and having more fun, but she was so afraid of someone taking them away that she couldn’t even enjoy them!   She screamed when we handed them to the checkout lady.  She screamed when her mother tried to close the umbrella inside the house.  So we watched as she clung onto these two items.  We laughed and laughed as this new walker tried to move around the room carrying both items, but it made me think about how many things we do as adults are not so different.   We cling onto our current situation when we feel that change is coming, even if it might be for the better.   We work and work and work sacrificing precious life moments so that we can buy things we think will make us happier,  when we were happier all along with what we had.  We often worry so much about our future, that we don’t enjoy the gifts we’ve been given in present.

Her mom eventually skillfully took away the umbrella and deflected the inevitable tears with another game, and Anthem was soon carefree and happy once more  (though I can’t say the same about her parents as my husband Alex was soon holding Anthem in the air by one foot – much to her delight).  Kids LOVE Alex.  If ever they don’t love him (Anthem has had some trouble warming up in the past) he relentlessly pursues them until they do.

Enjoy today and all the blessings you’ve been given friends!  And enjoy these photos of cute little Anthem and her three new best friends: ball, umbrella, and Alex!

The kids love Uncle Alex who will spin them around as many times as they want and the parents love that he keeps their kids busy…until he starts holding them in the air by one foot!
So dizzy she even forgot about her ball…

Happy and carefree once more!

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