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Help the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Alex and I were fortunate enough in the crazy storm that hit the East Coast like a train,  to be in a high land area far from any water sources and even to keep power.  Many others did not fare so lucky.  All you have to do is turn on the news for a minute to hear the craziest news stories NYC has seen in decades, hospitals being evacuated, entire neighborhoods burnt down or washed away.   Most of New Jersey and half of Manhattan are without water, electricity, phone service, and heat as the nights are just starting to turn colder.

I was glued to the news until 3 AM on Monday night, especially for any news of the Rockaways where fires started in the middle of the hurricane as their streets turned to rivers within minutes.   No help could get to them, so over 100 houses burned to the ground.   We had friends who live in that neighborhood and (praise God!) were only a block from where the fire miraculously stopped, but described to us the horrors of that night and what they went through and all the families there that no that no longer have homes.  They’ve come to live with us for awhile as their neighborhood might take up to a month to get power back, so extensive is the damage.  You think they’d want to recover from that horrific night, but after a nights rest they are on their way to Manhattan with their daughters to volunteer where their church is giving food and water to the elderly who have no way of getting it for themselves as the elevators in their building are out of order.  It’s touching to see such amazing love and resilience in people who suffered so much themselves.

It reminds me that no matter how bad things feel for you right now, someone else is worse off!  Many people can use your help.  Since many people don’t have to work this week as many offices/businesses are out of power, so see how you can volunteer!  If you have water and electricity, offer your home to those who don’t! If you can’t volunteer, please give to help those who can to have the supplies they need!

Volunteer Opportunities

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