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Favorite Father of the Bride Photos | New York Wedding Photographer

Despite being a day to celebrate a bride and grooms commitment to each other, weddings are also a very special time for fathers of daughters.   Traditionally in a wedding the father is giving his daughter into the care of her husband to provide for her in his place, and while today that is no longer the case, I think many father’s still their daughter’s wedding day it as a symbol of their little girl being officially grown up and no longer needing them in the same way.

In honor of the Father’s day, the Knot partnered with MSN to come up with a sweet slideshow of Father of the Bride Photos that Will Make You Cry.  They gathered images and quotes from the brides about how they were feeling in that moment, and two of my brides, Jenna and Bianca, had photos and quotes chosen for the slideshow!

In honor of Father’s day, I decided to pull a little post together myself of a few Father of the Bride moments that have stood out in my mind over the last year.  Grab a tissue box and the phone to call your Dad afterwards!  :-)

This first one was one of the chosen images.

The Knot also chose to use this sweet moment of Jenna crying.

Lily - June 17, 2013 - 1:49 pm

I am in love with all of these!

Angela Newton Roy - June 18, 2013 - 2:00 am

All of these are STUNNING Caroline! The 5th one down…makes me teary eyed! LOVE!

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