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Daniel And Elizabeth Engaged | New York Wedding Photographer

It’s a drizzly day in NYC today, just like it was the day of this engagement session, but with the wedding only a month away, the show had to go on and we decided to have the session anyway.   I must say that my beloved Central Park in the rain is all the more lovely.  With almost no one there, freshness on the air, and water droplets on the flowers, Central Park felt like my personal Eden and I resolved to visit it on rainy days more often.

This is the setting I was given in which to capture the  love story of Daniel and Elizabeth.  Central Park has special significance for this Upper West Side couple:  they’ve made a habit of taking long walks through the park together, a wise investment into their relationship.   In fact, they clearly stuck gold with this idea, because I have to say that Alex and I have started taking more walks together since we moved to the Upper West Side and it’s done wonders for our relationship as well.  With no computers, TV or to-do list to distract from conversation, we’ve had some of our best talks walking around our neighborhood or through the park on weeknight evenings and lazy Saturday afternoons.

Though the rain clouds provided some beautiful light diffusion for us at the start of the session, the sun was kind enough to pop out just a few minutes into our session for some gorgeous back-light.  I spent a few fun hours in the park with these lovebirds and it produced some lovely images of the two enjoying the park as they do.   Elizabeth and Daniel are tying the knot at the New York Botanical Garden this Sunday.

All images by New York wedding photographer, Caroline Frost

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