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Celebrating Two Years of Marriage | Personal Files

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that for the next two weeks I am across the country in my homeland of California with limited access to phone email for some much needed r + r plus time with my family!   I will be responding to inquiries every few days, and will be available for my August and September brides, but if your need isn’t urgent, expect a reply when I return on August 8th.  I STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH :-D

On a separate note,  I’m so excited that while I’m there there I’ll also be celebrating my two year wedding anniversary with my husband Alex Shea (a long with my birthday which isn’t quite so exciting).   We are taking a two-day getaway to Sausalito, a little town on the bay near the golden gate bridge and spending one night in Napa as well!.  I can’t wait!

As I’m sure you will see from the photos below,  our wedding which took place at my parent’s house in Lake Tahoe was a very tearful day (tears of joy, of course!) for all of us, especially me!  I have SUCH happy memories from that day, from the unique ceremony that had everyone in tears (even my Dad!) to the raucous party afterwards – makes my heart happy that people still tell me ours was the best wedding they’ve ever been to.   Have a look at some of the lovely photos from Melissa Vossler who I believe was just starting her business at the time.  Her love of photography and artful way of capturing a wedding was such an inspiration to me in starting my business.  A few of the candids are from our talented friend Keith who was snapping some photos as well that day.

Just as I’m about to start walking down the aisle, I hear the song my sister wrote for me being played by a string quartet and the beauty of the day and my excitement for marrying Alex just overwhelmed me and I was a cryin’ mess!

Alex sang to me during the ceremony and got all choked up in the middle.   It rained 15 minutes before our ceremony delaying it, but  we ended up starting it anyways with a light sprinkle, and the sun soon came out and was shinig right on the altar :)
Yes they surprised everyone by rating our first kiss.  LOVE our friends.   So hilarious!
And then we surprised everyone by throwing flowers on them instead of having them throw flowers on us!

Some more recent photos of the of us from last weekend up at Aurora, NY.  The day after the wedding I shot there, Alex asked for a photography lesson at sunset, so he got one!  He is getting quite good!!!

Lily - July 24, 2012 - 11:27 am

Care, you look beautiful! Loved your wedding so much. I hope you two have a wonderful anniversary :)

Michelle - August 8, 2012 - 10:37 pm

Happy Anniversary!!!! Beautiful weddings photos!

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