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Your Bride | A Love Song by Mara Measor

 I’ll be by your side, 
Every day through the highs and lows and places in between. 
-Mara Measor

It’s so amazing to have a job that focuses on love.  Capturing and telling peoples love stories is what I love to do,  and I realized from talking to Mara Measor that it’s not so different from what a songwriter does.  As Mara told me when I asked her if writing love songs comes natural to her,  “I feel like all songs are love songs. Even if it’s Eminem rapping about his mom, it all comes down to love for something. It might just be love for oneself, or hey, for some people it’s love for illegal substances, but love is just what gets you singing.”

Mara is a dear friend of mine from college who also happens to be an amazing singer/songwriter.   Today, just in time for Valentine’s Day she released a new song called “Your Bride” about a girl envisioning her wedding day.   When she first showed me the song a few weeks a go,  I couldn’t believe how talented and big-voiced my tiny friend is – the song is so sweet, soulful and sincere.  Mara says she is inspired by 60s Soul artists like Otis Redding, Etta James, and Aretha Franklin, as well as folksy lyric-driven artists like Gungor and Mumford and Sons.   Her music combines all those elements with ease creating a fresh, soulful, story-telling works of art!

After just hearing the first verse of “Your Bride”,  I knew I needed to have it on my website!  What I love about it although the eager bride imagines the setting, the weather, and the people watching as many brides do, she also looks forward to the journey of facing all the mountains and valleys of life together with her love.  The playful, sweet, wedding-focused lyrics as well as the soft, relaxed style fit so well with the mood I want my site to have, that I HAD to have the song.   I offered Mara money, cookies, and my eternal service, but she graciously gifted me the rights to use the song on my website once she officially released it, which is today!  So you should all head over and hear it at, but not until you’ve liked Mara’s Facebook page and download the mp3 free!

Go indulge yourself in a love song- it is Valentine’s Day after all!  Plus, all you brides-to-be,  this would make a great first dance or wedding slideshow song!

Amy Rizzuto - February 14, 2013 - 1:08 pm

I love this song so much! Beautiful!

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