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Moving Back to Manhattan + A Love Letter to Pinterest

Alex and I are officially moving back to Manhattan this week and though our place will be smaller than our current Queens apartment,  it doesn’t feel like a downgrade at all!  For one thing, I will be less than a block from Central Park – my life long dream – and I will be living in a legit pre-war brownstone complete with a brick wall which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  Yesterday we had my women’s small group meeting in order to pray for and dedicate the place since we’ll be meeting there a lot in the future, and I saw even in that short time in the apartment together an amazing shift.  It is clear to me that it is going to be such a blessing for our group to have a stable place to meet every week that is also a safe environment where you can be yourself and share your personal life without strangers looking on or eavesdropping.  Further confirmation that moving back and making the sacrifice of space and cash is the right thing for us at this time!

But the fact remains that we are downsizing and have to get rid of A LOT OF STUFF.   As sad as it is giving up my tiffany blue Marie Antoinette fainting couch (that I’ve never fainted on I’m happy to say)  I am so excited to redecorate and do something new in our space and to design it and pick pieces that will make it feel open, airy, welcoming and bigger than it really is!

When I need inspiration for home decorating, the obvious place to turn is Pinterest, full of helpful pictures that I can pick out and put on my board, way easier than flipping through and clipping from magazines!  God bless the inventor of Pinterest and all the people who scour the internet for these great inspiration images.  This is part of one of my favorite boards wishfully called “My Future Home”


Pinterest is also great in that, almost like taking a vacation or a walk through the park, you can kind of vacate life and relax in a fantasy world.  That’s what I do on my Fairy Tale Garden board…


But really Pinterest gives you endless possibilities of what you can “pin” and collect onto different theme boards.   I collect healthy recipes, workouts, paint swatches, and craft projects, as well as photo inspiration for my business.   It’s also amazing for brides looking to gather inspiration for their big day!  I definitely hope all of you will follow me on Pinterest, and I promise to follow you back!


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