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An Homage to Summers in California

When reviewing my photos from California- at first glance they appeared random.  A hodgepodge of different details with no clear story or theme.  Then I started to notice a pattern of where my head was at on that trip-  The last five years I spent in New York City,  I had missed summer in Northern California and was trying to hold on to every detail I could.  Through my lens I was trying to soak in all the novelties of a summer in California- the sweet summer fruits, the clean air full of the aromas of grasses and fragrant leaves that cools at night and warms during the day. The wild flowers and the golden meadows, and peaceful contemplation of the beauty of Lake Tahoe while swaying on an Adirondack swing.  I miss you Summer California- I hope  we’ll meet again soon.



P.S. Happy birthday to my hubs!!! So glad you were born Alex Shea!


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