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A Princeton Wedding | NYC and New Jersey Wedding Photographer

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Lauren and Cole spent most of their relationship (including most of their engagement) apart: Lauren working in NYC as a Kindergarten Teacher and Cole living in Texas taking on the finance world.  It’s hard to imagine how anyone could make this work, until you meet Lauren and Cole.  Lauren is one of those proverbially gorgeous girls who doesn’t know it.  Cole knows it though. His face simply beams when he looks at her.  Cole is a quiet guy whose inner-strength compliments Lauren’s warmth and depth of feeling.  The energy between them is that sweet, dewy-eyed, young kind of love that can sometimes fade after a couple’s first few months together.  Not for Lauren and Cole!  It’s this passion and strength of their connection that has held them together from afar.  At their lovely Autumn Princeton wedding, I had the privilege to witness and capture those looks again and again.  From their heart-melting first look, to the glances they exchanged during  the ceremony, from their first dance to their looks shared during the toasts, Lauren and Cole were the idyllic image of giddy newlyweds, eager to start their lives together, finally under the same roof in the same state.

My wonderful second shooter Kristy and I had a fabulous time spending the day with this sweet couple and their delightful family and friends.  After getting ready with her fun and attentive bridesmaids, Lauren and Cole met for their first look on the Princeton Campus under the beautiful Gothic arches.  Their ceremony at Princeton Trinity Church was the perfect setting for this traditional couple’s vows and for Lauren’s gorgeous cathedral-length veil.  A beautiful rendition of Ave Maria brought tears to some eyes, as did Lauren’s Dad’s touching toast later in the night.  At their reception at the Nassau Inn, Lauren’s Dad offered a lot of great marriage advice, and I was touched by one piece so much that I shared it with my husband when I got home that night: “Always choose being together even over opportunities to make more money that require you to be apart.”  Lauren’s sister and Cole’s brother gave hilarious speeches that had everyone laughing.  Everyone danced the night away, and after a fabulous time with family and friends Lauren and Cole whisked away to St. Lucia to celebrate their first days together as husband and wife by soaking up some sun.

Thank you Lauren and Cole for inviting me to be a part of your gorgeous wedding day and for the super flattering review.  I am honored to have been a witness to all the joy, laughter and tears!

Upper West Side Engagement | NYC Film Wedding Photographer

Tory and John met under the most extreme of circumstances.  Both had voluntarily chosen to be in them however: it was during a character-building sailing program by Outward Bound.  These two, along with nine other students and two instructors spent five nights off the coast of Maine living on this thirty-foot pull boat.  Conditions were extreme.  Every night, they slept head to toe on the deck across the wooden oars.  They cooked, ate, did everything on the boat.  It poured the whole first twenty four hours of the journey, soaking everyone and all their stuff for the rest of the trip.   Both of them describe their sailing adventure as an absolutely miserable experience, but one they’d never exchange.  That’s where they met each other, after all!

After their feet were finally on land again, John and Tory were inseparable.  In fact, Tory can’t seem to distinguish one moment when they officially became an item.  For these two, being together was so comfortable and and natural, they sort of just eased right into it.   This sort of comfort and ease between them was evident from the couple of hours I spent running around Central Park and the Upper West Side taking pictures of these two (who happen to be my neighbors – living only one block away from me!)  Tory and John love to laugh, and try to never take anything too seriously.  While it’s obvious that they both have an adventurous side, their preferred date would be eating ice cream and watching a movie together on the couch in their P.J.s.

Several years later, when John proposed on one knee, in the middle of their apartment surrounded by flowers, candles, and  rose petals, Tory said yes.  Because if these two could survive five days on a thirty-foot boat together, what can life possibly throw at them that they can’t handle together?


Nina and Seth | Long Island Wedding Photographer

Seth was one of Nina’s sister’s best friends from high school. He was a senior when she was in 8th grade, and Nina remembers having an enormous crush on him.  Many years later, they reconnected at Nina’s sister’s  wedding and started dating shortly after.  He proposed on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade with musicians popping out of everywhere playing “All You Need Is Love.”   And no, he has never seen Love Actually, he thought of it all on his own- what a romantic!

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious from these photos how much fun Nina and Seth are to be around.  Much like Alex and me, they are the classic opposites attract: Nina being sweet, sensitive and more serious and Seth is easy-going, fun and keeps Nina laughing.  Both of them share in common an incredible warmth and kindness that are rare to find in NYC.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a couple show so much interest in me and my life as these two did on our drive to Long Island.  My grandpa had passed away the day before this session, and they were both so empathetic and kind and created an atmosphere that made me feel like I was surrounded by friends that day rather than clients.  Nina is a psychotherapist, and we bonded over our passion for helping people overcome hardships, and Seth who works for his father’s super-successful yarn company is obsessed with California and wants to live there some day, so obviously he went straight to the top of my list (if his killer proposal didn’t put him there already).

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Chelsea Mansion next September!


Brooklyn Engagement Session | NYC wedding photographer

dumbo engagement session
Dumbo Brooklyn engagement session

Patrick met Amanda at her birthday party where he was invited by a mutual friend.  The night obviously went well for both of them: Patrick left with Amanda’s number, and Amanda with Patrick’s promise to text.  But for the next five days, much to Amanda’s annoyance,  he didn’t text.  Little did she know, those five days were spent figuring out what to say.  He finally did text her, but by then it was too little too late and Amanda wrote him off as “a typical guy.”   They ran into each other again that following weekend and Patrick couldn’t figure out why Amanda was cold.  Luckily, the truth soon came to the surface.  He confessed that he had been too nervous, and she instantly forgave him.

In the following early week of dating, Amanda made Patrick a special dinner from scratch, including all of his favorite foods – BLT, Apple Pie, and Vanilla Ice Cream.  She even made the Challah bread from scratch!  One day not too long ago, a few years after that first homemade dinner, Patrick made Amanda a meal of all HER favorite foods (Pork Chops, Cauliflower and Flan).  As they sat down to enjoy, Patrick announced that he was paying her back for that very nice gesture a long time ago, but with interest, and he gave Amanda the ring.
I had such a fun day traipsing around Brooklyn with these two.  It’s so clear to anyone who spends a few hours with Amanda and Patrick that they are head-over-heels in love and that their future lives together will be full of non-stop laughter and fun.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden next Spring!
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